Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Lighthouse Keeper's Dress.

Hello lovely people!

I hope you're having/about to have the most wonderful sunny Sunday day.

We got up early this morning and hit the Daylesford Sunday market before the crowds. We bought lots of old china crockery for the caravan and Jazzy and Pepper added to the beanie kid population of this house.

Then we took a drive and delivered eggs to our two newest customers, Inner Biscuit in Kyneton and Colliban Food Store in Trentham. We had to have a coffee in each place of course.

Back home for a bbq lunch with Bren's entire family. They are here with some friends for the weekend. Lots and lots of girls (10!), lots of noise, lots of gluten free discussions, sleep overs, cubby houses and lots of fun. An Easter egg hunt, too much sugar and now a bit of quiet time.

And in the middle of that I sewed a new dress. The Lighthouse Keeper's Dress. Its in my shop.

Its been a wonderful day. Its been slow and relaxed and its felt like a holiday at home. Even Farmer Bren has been happy to hang around and leave the farm chores for the late afternoon. I'm glad we've got another couple of days before we go back to the school routine.

So how are you?
What have you been up to today?
Are you on a sugar high?
I hope your Sunday has been a funday.



  1. i thought it was those pepper pigtails i spoted on piper street! i have a little shop there named hennie and fox! how lovely that mara is using your eggs! happy easter- you were the bunny today delivering eggs!

  2. we've had a great day at melissa's. laksa for lunch, pavlova for arvo tea, easter eggs and general good fun. love your light housekeepers dress, fantastic. lovely to hear that your easter has been spent with family too.


  3. I can just imagine the noise of 10 girls, we celebrated today catching up with family and friends with 5 girls running around and two boys, there was lots of noise here too:) It was my nephews birthday so we headed to the park for lunch and then everyone played a game of soccer, and ate lots of chocolate. I'm glad your day was wonderful, relaxing and spent with family, it sounds perfect. Enjoy the rest of your weekend I hope it's as relaxing as it was today. xo

  4. Sounds like your day has been filled to the brim with fun travels and time spent with loved ones.
    Our day has been relaxing and quiet...we have rain so our children are outside playing in puddles :)

  5. You and your beautiful family always make me smile :)

  6. Ahhh .... life in the country!!

  7. Dear Kate,
    our day just started, the weather is not very nice, not really a Springy day.
    We are having roasted lamb and potatoes, strawberries, chocolate and hopefully everybody will be in a good mood.
    The dress is very pretty, love from Florence!

  8. We have had gorgeous sunny blue skies, puffy white clouds that look like bunnies, a garden egg hunt, a note from the bunny himself instructing that all pink eggs are to be left for little 2 yo sisters to find. Love your new dress, and the name. Mel:).

  9. Hopping around the house in the early hours...
    Work until 3...
    Cleaning my step daughters house for her because she is coing home tomorrow...getting a surprise visit from my oldest and dearest...
    too much chocolte...
    Some crocheting...popping on the computer...
    I think I am rather tired now...
    Thanks for asking Kate...

  10. Sounds like a lovely day. Oour Easter bunny scoffed the chocolate that our 6 year old left our for him but he also broke our clothesline. Guess I'll have to wait a year to have it out with him! :)

  11. fabulous dress i adore it. after two easter egg hunts and some incredible sugar induced madness in my house the kiddies are all asleep and i'm struggling to breathe (full to the brim of chocolate) on the sofa reading the papers. happy easter!

  12. Such a great day to spend with family...
    Loving the latest dress x

  13. Happy Easter Kate.
    It sounds like you have had a wonderful family day, we have too.
    But I must admit a little too much sugar has been eaten and I am feeling a little sick. It was fun though!!

  14. Just how did you manage to make that beautiful frock with all that going on in your day?! Remarkable!
    Sounds like the perfect Easter to me. It is nice to have the guys around more at this time of year, it's the same in our house. It's almost like time stands still for the duration of Easter. And yes! It felt relaxed and free flow here too. We all had a wonderful day and thankfully limited the intake of choccie... we'll stretch our stash out over the next week or so ;o)

  15. Sounds like a lovely day and looks it too. We also had a great family day. Have lived here for 7 years now and only just visited a local attraction - The Mangrove Creek Dam for a picnic.Fabulous!

  16. sounds like fun!
    love the green skirt with the big orangey pocket + the new dress!
    such a sweet fam you have.
    happy last holiday days.

    ps. love your new knit dresses too ~ one more plea for grown up dresses!!

  17. We decided to let Busy go hard and eat as much chocolate as she wanted this weekend. There has been extra teeth brushing and me shoving fruit and multivitamins and fish oil in between the chocolate.... ( to make me feel better) and then it will all be gone and life will return to normal.

    Must not buy that dress must not buy that dress must not buy that dress

  18. I did just eat a piece of coconut chess pie...just high enough, I guess. ;)

    adorable kiddos!!

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