Thursday, April 21, 2011

Stuff I now know.

Over the last 24 hours I have learnt that my sewing with knit fabrics phobia was completely unfounded. I haven't had a chance to hem this little dress yet, but so far it has been easy peasy mageasy.

I have also learnt that it is a good thing that I am a fabric hoarder because as soon as the knit fabric sewing urge struck, I was prepared with a whole stack of thrifted knits.

I have learnt that even though I say out loud to anyone who will listen that I am not going to buy ANY yarn when I enter a shop, usually I will still buy yarn.

I have learnt how to add text to my photos in picnik, but I have yet to learn how to get my photos out of picnik and onto my desktop.

Apologies to everyone who clicked on my post this morning only to discover that it wasn't there. Apparently, when you publish a flickr photo on your blog it means it will publish a post for you then and there.

Thank you so much to everyone who emailed me to let me know. And yes, although I can somehow work this blog, I am still technologically and computerally illiterate.

I have learnt that fresh apple muffins for breakfast makes an everyday day feel like a party.

I have learnt that sometimes the simplest inventions are the most ingenious.

That little yellow thing pulls the elastic through the hem line of a garment rather than a stupid safety pin. That clever yellow thing wont catch, or open, or bend or tear your fabric. Brilliant!

I have learnt that sometimes when you ask the op shop fairies for something specific, they deliver. A stack of fancy little cards for 40cents. Hooray!

I have learnt that I must ALWAYS measure and pin.

I have learnt that you are meant to change the needle on your sewing machine and over locker after every eight hours of sewing...hmmmm I guess about three months is a bit too long.

And I have learnt that no matter how well prepared for something you are, sometimes it takes you by surprise and feels a little sad.

What have you learnt lately?

Bye bye. xx


  1. I totally want one of those yellow doodacky things! Where can I get one!!!???

    Love your little Foxs Lane cards too.

    Happy Easter.

  2. I also have a stretchy phobia. Is facing it head on the key? Or will it mean an even fabric stash hidden in the cupboard.
    Well done on conquering yours!

  3. Cute top - and yep knits are easy peasy lemon squeasy.

  4. I think i want one of those yellow doo-hickey's as well what a great tool. I don't change my needle all that often (oops) and it is sad that your long time blog friend is leaving, but it seems like it may not be forever?
    Thankyou for sharing :-)

  5. I love your comment about not buying wool and then doing so. I'm trying to be strict and not by wool/fabric unless I have a specific project for it!
    And I want one of those yellow elastic threader things too.
    Today I learnt that dying eggs with edicol dye makes for a lot of experimenting and very pretty hands!

  6. I also want to know where you got that clever yellow thingamabob!!!

    Those muffins look delish!!!

  7. I am scared of knits too!! Mostly because I am still learning how to use my new sewing machine. I have tried once and failed miserably. Next time I might even read the instructions first ;)

    Your wool obsession sounds all too familiar to me. That's how I am with fabric, doily's, trims,you name it. It's like this other person takes over my body against my will and buys all this stuff..... My solution is to just STAY AWAY FROM THE EVIL SHOPS FULL OF BEAUTIFUL THINGS!!!

    I wish I was only 10 and could wear your green skirt. But I don't think I'd get away with it at my age, and with my thighs.

    Where did you get the elastic threader? It has become obvious to me that I need one also. Safety pins do not rock my world.

    And I didnt' know you had to change your needle that often... I just change it when it breaks. Is that bad???

    And to answer your question on what I've learnt lately - I've learnt that I forget things that I should know, which results in pink hair...

  8. I've learnt that I think I really want apple muffins for breakfast too.
    I've learnt that Greta is a really great drawer.
    I've learnt how to make a mohair bear with an inset muzzle and how it changes the shape of the head somehow.
    Love your new skirt and now stretchy top

  9. Thank you Kate...I have learnt so many new things from this post :)
    I definitely see myself investing in one of those yellow elastic threader thingymajigs!!
    Oh and yes I am computer illiterate too.

  10. Okay what is that little yellow thingy called and where do you get them from!

  11. Wow - those cards are PERFECT!

    I add text in Picasa, then can 'export' to where eva.(my pictures) Picasa also has the Picnik option too now.xx

  12. You have done a great job with the little dress - knit fabrics still scare the bejezus out of me.

    I desparately want one of those yellow dohickeys - how fancy!

    Hmm, I have heard the eight hour thing before but can't say I keep that close a track on my needle use. I do seem to snap them fairly regularly though.

    Hope you have a lovely and relaxing easter

  13. I've learnt about new gorgeous fabric shop in ballan with the BEST service EVEr adn beautiful fabrics.
    I learnt about yellow elastic-threading doo-dads.
    (and I learnt how to program my new sewing machine to embroider swear words)

  14. hey, you are getting your dad back in the same state, maybe not under the best circumstances- I hope things are okay there.
    I love the look of that yellow gadget, i didn't know they existed.
    and what have I learnt?
    That spending time with old friends is a very nice thing to do. I feel known and loved and accepted. I should do it more often!
    And that I shouldn't guzzle chocolate because I feel yuck afterwards...

  15. I love your lists, Kate - always special treats there :) Favourite new covettable: I want one of those yellow-elastic-pully-throughy-things! ;) Hmm, what have I learnt? I think I've just discovered that what I thought was a treble in crochet is actually a half-treble but I'm soldiering on anyway ;) Love your sewing project - that stripey jersey is gorgeous. Kx

  16. I was scared of sewing knits for a long time because a professional seamstress told me it is too difficult! Glad I got over that. Oh yes, that changing the needle thing, hmmm...

  17. Yay on sewing those knits :) I find knits a lot more forgiving than wovens these days. Amazing the number of times I've forgotten to add seam allowances, with knit it's often well hidden ;)

    I like your yellow thingymebob, very useful.

  18. I have learnt to lino cut! yay!!!
    Picnik- you can it to my computer or to flickr...when you click save it should go to My computer.

  19. I love picnik! Usually when I go to the Save & hare tab & hit save it takes me straight to my computer. But that probably doesn't help you, right? :)

  20. Oh those little cards bring back memories! When I was in my early teens I used to do Quilling (paper twirling - google it) and I always used those cards. I used to pay anywhere from 15c to $1 each for them so I'd say you've done really well!

  21. Where did you find that magic elastic thingy??? I desperately need one!

  22. Well I have learnt that there is a yellow magic thingy for pulling elastic through!! And I think we all want one.

  23. I too have recently discovered my fear of knit sewing was unfounded.

    I think I need a "yellow thing". Where does one buy one?

  24. I have a couple of this-little-thing-makes-it-easier-to-thread-elastic but I have never seen one as simple as yours! I started knit sewing a couple of years ago. They also scared the heck out of me and they also proved quite easy to master. Enjoy! I am sorry for the sadness you are dealing with. But it sounds like there are some positives so I hope that they can give you heart. Have a great Easter lovie! PS I might have to buy one of your dresses just to get one of those tags. Gorgeous!

  25. Hope all is well with your dad!

  26. Oh Kate, I've got to stop reading your blog late at night, those delicious photos of your glorious foods always give me the munchies... thankfully I tend to resist the urge! That apple muffin is perfection!
    The little bargain cards do look fancy... gorgeous, what a find!
    Geez, I seem to be learning things all the time, but the biggest lesson this week for me is that even when I think my boys are not capable of any more destruction... they are! Angus (3) is just so BUSY and wild and MALE! They're definitely a learning curve for their Mama ;o)

  27. I have to add my name to the list of people who want to know where you get those elastic thingys. So simple but ingenious!
    I have learnt that since I started a blog my internet connection is just not up to the job.

  28. Oh, how very sad. Good luck to farmdoc...

  29. Those cards are awesome! Absolutely perfect for your stamp. The opshop gods were smiling down on you!
    ...what have I learnt...hmm, it's incredibly satisfying sewing something slowly take shape after imagining it for 6 months.

  30. those thrifted card are divine. i have a few but your stamping is icing on the cake. your dresses are also marvellous. have a lovely easter weekend. x

  31. i am praying to the easter bunny for one of those yellow elastic pull thingumajigs. i love your cards


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