Thursday, April 14, 2011


So I'd love it if you could turn to the closest person over the age of about six and ask them if they collect stamps...if the answer is YES, then stamp on their foot and tell them 'there's one for your collection'. If they say NO, then stamp on their foot and tell them 'there's one to start your collection'.

Can you tell we're on school holidays?!

Can you tell I'm over the moon excited about my new Foxs Lane stamps?!

Chantal made them. Isn't she the cleverest. Aren't they amazing. How cool that she made me a summer and a winter dress. And they look like the dresses I make, down to the ruffles and florals and the granny pockets. I am now prepared for all seasons. Love!

I think I'd better put aside some time to sew some stock for my shop, so I can package up my orders and decorate them with my new stamps. Eeeeeeeeep I can hardly wait.

Chantal has an Etsy store here and you can contact her at if you want her to make her your own custom made stamp like I did. And you totally should, they are so ace.
And yesterday, being the school holidays and all, I took my three girlies to the movies and to buy some essentials in town. When we got out of the car I realised that we all had the same shoes on. Is that ok? As the official style police of this family I have decided that it is. Especially as they are all same, same but different. But I draw the line at that. NO matching hoodies, or t'shirts or anything else for that matter.

Do you do that, dress your kids the same as you? Do you all have the same look? Farmer Bren does have his own pair of Converse too, just in case you were wondering.

I think my family have a look. We like layers. Dresses and skirts and tops and tunics and cardis over jeans. Most of the time Jazzy and Pepper and I dress like that, although they are all colourful and I am not. Indi does too but with her own type of skater girl edge. I guess we all fit together.

So a very happy Thursday to you my online friends. Thank you so much for your comments on my last post. I found them so interesting to read and think about.

Bye for now. X


  1. I love those stamps. They made me think of paper dolls.
    I'm glad my daughters and I don't have the same look. THey dress much better than me.

  2. Fantastic stamps! We are all about legging under dresses or skirts and smock tops or dresses. My girls don't own a pair of shorts (just like me) and they wear blundie boots all winter with everything.

  3. The stamps are gorgeous and I have been accused by my husband of dressing my daughter like me. Some clothes she rejects as "you want me to look like you." oh well!

  4. Those stamps put a smile on my face :)
    I'm a converse wearer too. And I think I do tend to make my kids wear my kind of style...florals for the girls, some vintage and knits. I'm trying to teach them to stay away from brand names and Disney characters plastered over everything.

  5. We are both struck down with the evil tickly throat cough and have spent the entire day stamping to make ourselves feel oh so much better! How I would love to have my very own made for me stamp! How wonderful. Little Tuesdays is far more colourful than me - and if anything, I'd like to copy her style!

  6. Yes - we tend to all dress in a similar style. And some days it's not until we go outside that I realise "Oh, we're all wearing jeans and stripey t-shirts" or "We're all wearing green trousers" or something like that! I think it's because I still choose what the kids wear and end up being drawn to the same things on the same day!!

  7. Oh wow. Those stamps are so you! Perfect. My boys (adult boy included) have a "throw it together" look and with age (like since he met me at 20), the adult one has learnt to ask "do these go together?" I fear that my daughter is me or at least becoming OCD like me as she will go through her outfit and show how these colours match and go together. We girls layer here too. No matching outfits though. Not. cool. (matching Converse sneakers? Way. Cool.)

  8. Funny I often look at my two boys and myself when we go out and we are either all in the same colour or all wearing jeans etc etc. Must have something to do with my mood at the time!

    Your stamps look great! Chantal is very clever!

    Found your cute blog from one of Chantal's tweets! Looking forward to looking aroudn!

  9. OMG...your stamps are adorable and something I have recently been thinking about getting made for myself.
    Do you think they would work to stamp on fabric?

    I find that my children were younger they were influenced by my sense of style but as they get older they are taking on a style of their own but we have been known to go out looking quite similar :)

  10. I love your stamps, they are perfect!

    I am a jeans & tshirts kinda gal, yet Punk is an "anything as long as it's pink" kinda gal. Her look is, what I affectionately term, 'houso chic'. I look at her in her pink, sometimes sequined, fake-fur edged selections & wonder if she she should have been named Shakira or Epony Rae....

  11. So glad you like stamps. I hope you get lots of use and lots of smiles from them!

    My son (5) was estatic when we bought a pair of converse for him - because he knows how cool Dad thinks they are... I can already see how much his wardrobe reflects his Dads, but it's cute.

  12. Gorgeous stamps! My boy and I are connie wearers too, and I laugh when I get caught out down the street by someone saying, 'gee you're both very green today!', and I realise we are both wearing green tops, him in jeans, me in denim skirt, and connies. Really should look in a mirror before we go out!

  13. I want some stamps now!!
    They are the best - Chantal is so clever!

    I have the same trainers as you there i think - and in orange. Miss Eva likes dressing against the grain - not what all the others are wearing. Her own look usually. NO matching pumpkin patch around here! (shes been crocheting cuffs today)

  14. Gorgeous stamps lucky you least you have a stamp collection started and it didnt even hurt your

  15. Happy stamping!

    They are so you. What a clever girl Chantal is. Me thinks I'll go and have a look.

    School holidays and not a drop of house work have I done. He..he..he..
    We are in such a shambles, but I DON"T CARE.

    We sometimes dress similar, usually scruffy.

  16. oh wow, those stamps are amazing! such a happy look!
    the whole family has converse apart from me, I love my docs too much to wear anything else.
    I like muted colours for me & I don't think the kids wear alot of bold colours, unless someone else buys it for them. one thing I cannot stand are merchandise stuff, no way on my kids.

    you guys are just too cool for school ♥

  17. Love that stamp, love that you all wear connies.
    If there was ever a better shoe invented I don't know xo

  18. the stamps are wonderful and so perfectly reflect the foxs' lane dresses! We're a family of converse too - there are so many colours and they go with everything, why wouldn't you! Enjoy the holidays.

  19. the stamps are fantastic. Hooray! No, my family doesn't have a look- I have said here before, and will say again, you are so lucky to be in the role of 'style police'!! My girl (also layerish, which I like) has been self appointed style police, since she was, oh, about two!

  20. Love the stamps, will have to visit her when I decide on a name for myself. My daughter and I dress the same because she always pinches my clothes, she is 20 and I'm 56, flattering to think I still dress trendy enough for her to 'borrow' my clothes. But thats not all, my make-up goes walk about too at times, my shoes are safe, her feet are bigger than mine lol
    x Sandi

  21. The most absolutely perfect stamps for yor dresses

  22. They are the cutest stamps...will look so great on your designs.
    I love the matching shoes subtle but still cool...hold onto that for as long as you can.

  23. STAMPS!! Love them! They will bring you and your kids untold joy, I'm sure!! There is something a bit therapeutic about stamping - it's a bit old-fashioned in this high-tech world! Playing Libraries (ie stamping the date on the little thingy at the back of the book) was one of my fav games as a kid! Our poor kids won't get that will they?!

    On the subject of your previous post - I agree wholeheartedly that the advertising really detracts from the soul of the blogs that incorporate them. I am new to blogging but I am intending to steer clear of all that. I don't mind having official 'followers' though. I think that it feels nice to know that people are interested in what you're up to, and you're not talking to yourself!!

  24. Cool stamps.

    I don't think I dress my daughter the same as me, but sometimes I wish I had more colourful/layered cloths like she does. However, my sister, my mum and I have very similar style to the point that it would get ridiculous: my sister and I would go shopping separately, but come back home with the same items; and when I worked at the same uni she studied at we would ran into each other only to see that we are wearing the same outfit.

  25. Those stamps!!! the dresses i am speechless! they are amazing!!!( must get onto that lino cutting)

    Busy could be part of your family with her dress sense. I love it, pink converse, tights, skirt, tshirt, LOVE IT!!!

    I am waiting for someone to get back to me about a stamp I want designed but they are taking ages, I am going straight to Chantel now.

  26. Chef and Busy both have converse but I have to disagree with jess ( for the first time!!) you can't beat camper boots. you can't . nothing is more comfy.

    and like cathie said no advertising on my kid.

  27. love those stamps!
    I guess we probably do have a similar "look" a lot of the time - basically we all tend to be jeans and tshirt people (though I am trying to remember to be more adventurous and have more fun with our "nice" clothes too!)

  28. I'm a sucker for stamps AND stickers... always have been! Your new stamps are gorgeous! How clever is Chantal designing them with all that detail! Wow! so much talent out there :o)
    As I'm the only female in my little family, we definitely don't dress the same. But I don't dress my boys the same either. They already have their own individual personality, therefore their own style.
    P.S. I like your stamp joke, I may just use that on some of the kiddies in my life, I think they'd appreciate it.

  29. Those stamps are divine, Chantal is very talented and has done a lovely job showcasing your dresses.
    Thankfully, my Liongirl at 2 is not expecting a matching outfit from me as she is right into gumboots with tiny shorts, long tops or dresses over the top and maximal beadage. I would probably be either arrested or offered money if I left the house like this. Love the not quite matching but all related shoes by the way- you foxslane girls have all definitely got your groove going on.

  30. Love the stamps! I'm quite a fan of Chantal's work. I don't have any personalised willow & moo stamps, but I'm thinking I might need a few.

    Mollie likes us to have matching clothes, but I don't like wearing them at the same time. Much to my dismay she didn't embrace the Converse that I bought her. The only reason I haven't bought Will a pair is that I'd have to tie the shoe laces all of the time.

  31. The stamps are cool - as are the shoes:) They say great minds think alike:)

  32. the stamps are fabulous, love the dresses

  33. I love that you all wear the same shoes (as we all wear Connies too!!) And your stamps - well they are just perfect! Happy to hear that you are enjoying the school holidays.

  34. Nope, can never have too many pairs of Connies, perfect for everyone in the family.
    Love your stamps too.

  35. the stamps are completely perfect!!
    i like your family dress sense. our boys are pretty different to either of us at the moment ~ lots of double beige going on {think jedi knights!!} and actually a little bit of all in black, including leggings {little one has a leggings thing}.
    i wouldn't be seen dead in beige ;)

  36. I reckon it's more than okay for you to dress the same:) My girls and I like to wear our converse runners together too. Love the stamps. They really are just like your lovely dresses.

  37. those are the best stamps ever. you must have squealed.

  38. great foot photo kate. i realised one day last week that the smalls and moi were all wearing black skinny jeans ( i chickened out and got changed) your stamp is brilliant


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