Friday, April 1, 2011


Hooray for the weekend!!

I'm hoping for a bit of crochet, lots of lounging about the house, some knitting, maybe a garage sale or two, some honey spinning, some sewing, a test drive of a chunky caravan pulling car, some baking, hanging out with Farmer Bren's folks, maybe a dvd, lots of coffee and anything more...or a bonus.

And here's a photo of the finished and felted slippers from yesterday.

Thanks for all your felting suggestions. In the end I popped them in a bra bag in a hot wash with a pair of jeans for agitation and then into the dryer for about five minutes. They fit into the palm of my hand now. Too cute!

To finish them off I sewed on some velcro and then crocheted a little white flower for the clasp. Raveled here.

Oh and no one believed me this morning when I told my girls they were all adopted as an April Fools. Oh well.

So what are you up to this weekend? Have you got any big plans?
I hope you have fun and maybe a bit of an adventure.

See ya. XX


  1. Those little slippers...oh! So sweet! I like the sound of your weekend, hope it's a lovely one for you all. We are busy with birthday things but i hope for some quiet moments too. Fingers crossed! Lets hope this sunshine continues, I"m loving it. Cool nights and sunny days, heavenly :) Lets have a coffee next week? By hook or by crook xo

  2. Sounds like a nice one at your place. We should do lots of jobs and things around the house, but I'd just like to wander down to the market in the morning and get some great food to cook for dinner, read the paper, play outside with the boys in the sunshine and then do a little sewing. Wish me luck!

  3. Sounds like a lovely weekend. I love the slippers. I could do with a pair myself tonight

  4. I once told my brown haired sister (the other three including me are redheads) that she was adopted when we were travelling the escalators at Roselands Shopping Centre in Sydney. She believed me until we got home and my mother produced the birth certificates. Having said this, I believe that those who adopt are most often the most loveliest parents in the world, having a few friends who were adopted and raised by lovely people.

  5. Oh I just love those felted slippers! Your weekend sounds like it will be a lovely one! Quite envious.

  6. I actually forgot that today is Friday, so no plans for the weekend as yet.

    The best April Fools joke I witnessed was BBC news segment about flying penguins - my husband and I almost believed it at first :-) (here it is on youTube

  7. slippers are ace! i just got my order of organic wool delivered - they did a bulk price for a hoard of us and it is so soft and lovely I want to be the me in 20 years knitting but will have to make do with the me now (when that me gets a minute.) have a top weekend. yum on the honey!

  8. the slippers are just precious- I didn't think they could get cuter but they did.
    Not really sure about the weekend, maybe a bit of seeing exhibitons, watching the footy, leeping in and maybe going to a gig tomorrow night. Plus the usual bit of crochet and bearness.
    I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  9. I want some too - that fit my feet - can I order some? I dont I have the skill to knit these babies Kate - given that I dont speak knitting pattern language and all. I hope you have a lovely weekend. Cheers, peta

  10. Sounds like a lovely weekend ahead, enjoy! Your slippers turned out beautifully, so sweet..

  11. Oh...those slippers are divine!!! and as for the April 1st, hilarious!! Congratulations to you on remembering what day it is!!!! Geeezz your a good mum xx

  12. Those little slippers are adorable. I've never been here before, came via two little banshees, and I have to say I love your dresses they are the sweetest things ever. I'm going to keep checking your shop till I find one that fits my girls.

  13. What adorable slippers :)
    Honey spinning sounds like a fun and yummy thing to do.
    My weekend will involve lots of coffee as well.

  14. cute cute slippers. I love that you told your girls they were adopted! Hilarious! I went through a stage where I was convinced I was (which is just stupid, because I kinda look like both my mum AND my dad!)

    Have a gorgeous Sunday Kate!

  15. That yarn sure will inspire you to crochet. Great weekend to you and your family.

  16. the slippers look great! hope you've had a lovely weekend :)

  17. Lovely, lovely, lovely slippers!

  18. adorable kate, imagine them with chubby pink feet inside-edible


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