Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I'm loving...

I didn't press publish on the last post I wrote for this blog. It was a long whingy post about how I felt like I was drowning in my own chaos. About how sick I was of feeling late, messy, lost, like I was going to explode, full, overwhelmed and out of control.

I didn't press publish on that post because I wrote it in the middle of that chaos and I couldn't think straight any more and I couldn't trust how I was feeling or if any of my words even made sense.

And then on top of all that I had to hurry up and pack us all up for a visit to Melbourne.

So I left it and we went to Melbourne for 24 hours and now we are back and I feel a bit different. Like having a break from here made me realise how much I love it. The fact that Indi and Jazzy are at friends' houses and there is a bit of quiet and calm doesn't hurt either.

On our return, after unpacking the car, these were the first 10 things that reminded me of how much I love it here.

I do love sewing with vintage florals. This is The Little Blue Flower Dress. A dress I made last weekend. Sewing little dresses with vintage table clothes and sheets makes me happy and calms me down and gives me peace. Its in my shop.

I love living on an organic fruit and veg farm and having the freshest of the Autumn harvest to play with in the kitchen and for the girls to help them selves to.

I love getting new yarn in the mail from a Ravelry destash. This lot will become some sort of scoodie for Miss Jazzy to wear to school.

I love that farmer Boy of mine. Love, love, love, love.

I love having a toasty warm house too.

I love the look of the weekend's garage sale fabric stash drying and airing out on the line. Oh the possibilities.

I love my gang. Its a shame this is the only photo of us country mice all scrubbed up last night for dinner.

I don't love that this dress is still in my house. The birthday girl's party was last Sunday but I got so lost on the way there and drove for miles and miles and miles and then had to turn back when I realised I was completely and totally lost and the red petrol light had been on for ages, I had no mobile reception and I hadn't seen a car or a house for ages. Everyone in the car was crying by that stage.

I do love how Miss Pepper designed the dress for the present though. She chose all the fabrics, sat on my knee while I sewed most of it and then wrapped it up and told me her friend was going to love it. That part's cool.

And I love that I am going to conquer my fears and sew dresses from stretchy knits with these patterns. I love Miss Jazzy's little sketchy characters I keep discovering around the place and I LOVE dreaming, designing and planning our caravan adventure. Farmer Bren has a count down to the big departure on his ipad. Eeeeeeeep can't wait.

What are a couple of things making you smile right now?

See ya. x


  1. what a gorgeous and infectious post Kate, all your loves make me smile.
    I'm loving your Hills Hoist ( I have a real thing for them)
    , bears who take on their own life and gorgeous blog comments.

  2. I love everything about this post... You are living the life i wish for everyday!
    Inspirational, thankyou for making me smile today.

  3. Hey Kate - I'm with you with the posts that get almost get published! After seeing these , i want to get another dress from you now!!!!

    Right now, i am loving my two girls, with their new haircuts - that were done by a new friend out on the deck today. They look so grown up, I need to stop time somehow i think.

    ps. someone to watch over you sewing is a great idea!

  4. I'm glad you got the chance to step away and get a little perspective. But remember we're all allowed to have 'those days' just as long as they don't turn into self-indulgent weeks or months.
    I'm grateful for my hubby and my bubby and my 2 fur kids.
    And for a whole long week coming up to spend together.

  5. Glad to hear someone else is feeling messy late and is living in chaos. It seems like when you have 3 kids all there is time for is husband, housework and kids. If I sew or crochet or go out for coffee I just end up back where I started.

    Would so love to read the wingy blog, too chicken to post my own. Would love to know what tips you have for getting it all done, do you never sleep? If something has to give, what is it? I wish someone would write a blog about how to keep everything running smoothly and find the time to be creative.

    Sorry bout the winge, it must be that time of the month, better go wash more dishes :-(

  6. It is incredible the amount of posts I write and then can't hit publish . I'm glad you are feeling a little better .

  7. Ah the wonders of stepping away for a day.
    Your loves put a smile on my face and whenever I read of those living a life such as yours it makes me long to pack up and have a tree change myself.

  8. Farmer Bren's sideburns are looking mighty impressive and making me smile. Is he aiming for a full set of mutton chops? You'll have to buy him a pipe, a quilted vest and some wellies in British Racing Green methinks.

  9. I know what you mean. I've been down in the blues a bit. My kids are keeping me happy. My 3 year old surprises me with his new songs and my 11 year old is becoming more of a young lady (and better shopping company). The 2 in between can be a bit like Tom and Jerry bit, but I love them to bits. Yep, thinking of my brood is making me smile.
    So glad you're feeling better Kate.

  10. I am loving that I've just worked out how to make a child height clothes line for my occasional helper (with a piece of string, instead of having to drag the airer outside...),and that I got to have an extra couple of days home with my girl (even if that was because we were both sick, and the house is looking worse than it did on the weekend!). I hope all your loves help to keep the chaos in perspective, Kate, and that you know you can always whinge if you need to xo

  11. I always hit 'Publish'... I am very impressed at your restraint. It can only do you good!!

    Making me smile right now... well, the two biggest Tsunamis went to school camp today and they did ten-pin bowling and when they came home they were full of news about how well the OTHER ONE did. I loved that.

    And I'm smiling 'cos LOML is busy in the kitchen making me dinner (nearly SEVENTEEN KILOS DOWN, Kate, my friend. I am beside myself with excitement!)

    And I'm smiling 'cos I'm on hols from work for a week and we are heading down the cost to Gran and Pops for a bit of country air.

    And I'm smiling 'cos I really love the way you are and I'm happy that we get to share your warm and cosy part of the world from time to time.


  12. I love that my 8 year olds off to a party rock climbing in Geelong tomorrow with a whole minibus full or his friends, and that I have two days off work, I need it. So much to love at your place too. Can you let me know how to find ravelry destashes like that! I have no idea

  13. Hi Kate :-)
    I was in Melbourne on the weekend and came home with a big sigh of relief and a renewed love for our home/farm/life... thanks city! Im too loving picking food from our garden and eating it...often when im standing there in the garden. Im loving our colourful out of control house..AND its school holidays.. and Im so jealous you are off in your caravan soon. How EXCITING! xo

  14. You Kate...You make me smile...as you are a teasure like so many...who soldier on and help out when it is needed...
    and also because you say what we feel...which lets us know that life has it's ups and downs...
    I delete those posts that are just me rambling too much...and sometimes I wish I didn't...I think it is good to let everyone know it is ok to have a crappy day or week...It's normal...
    I hope your week does improve though...Maybe a nice cup of hot coco in front of the fire...and a spot of crafting...

  15. I love that I'm not the only one wading through chaos.
    I also love that today I have cleaned up my desk and found the bench around the phone in the vain hope that I will become more organised and not forget things (like appointments...oops).
    I love hope!

  16. I too am lovin your hills hoist we put one in when we moved here, it had to be an old grey metal one. i didn't feel like I lived here really properly until it was cemented in.

    I am lovin that you have that cool caravan book I want.

    I am lovin that I have an exciting holiday planned for end of May with wonderful old friends.

  17. WOW that is one great fabric stash and I love your dresses, so wish my daughter was young again so I could put her in pretty dresses. I don't think my little man would appreciate it ;o) xx

  18. Hhm.

    Thanks for this post Kate... not the loving stuff part, although that is ace & I'm glad & good for you... but the part where you didn't publish the whingy post. The part where you went away, came back, & felt better.

    I so wanted to publish a whingy post this morning. Part of me still does but I'm going to sit on it & hope I feel differently in the morning. Or in a couple of mornings.

    I am as excited about your caravan adventure as you are! I shall be living my gypsy dreams vicariously through you, I'm sure I've said that before.

    I'm also loving Suspence. I can't get enough of him you know... he's in danger of being eaten up! And a couple of days off coming up for the boy, I'm loving that too, finally we get to go do something fun on his day off as a wee little family!


  19. Hey Kate, love all your posts. They always remind me of my own lovely family chaos and it's nice to know I am not the only one with a bit of craziness in my life! But the main thing making me smile right now is my new sewing machine!!! Must stop sewing and go to bed :)

  20. Kate this post is exactly how I see you, cool, calm and collected, just pure happiness. Even if you felt freaky and out of control, that is ok, we all do... and often! But your posts are just brilliant, every one of them. I like your list of things you're loving. I am loving that new dress, WOW, those blue and yellow flowers are a picture. I love blue and yellow on girls, it's so pretty.
    Making me smile right now are my boys, I guess they always do. But little Felix is pulling himself up and trying to stand holding onto ANYTHING & EVERYTHING! The boys are also becoming closer every day, watching their interaction as brothers and little mates, makes me smile from ear to ear.
    Also loving these Autumn days, the days feel so cosy and peaceful at this time of year, they're a gift :o)

  21. Im smiling right now because my neck is finally letting up. I've had four intensively painful days with a stiff neck and it's been debilitating. Finally, tonight, I feel relief and I'm smiling.

    It's good to have another little blog on the side; for those moments when you need to offload, release and need a good sounding board. That way less people are likely to see it. And you'll have no regrets. You can always delete after you feel better; without anyone really knowing.

    But hey, it's your space. Write as you feel; there will always be someone to connect with you; it's really all about you feeling comfortable giving away your 'moments'.

  22. What's making me smile right now? Other than reading your post, seeing that stash of Malabrigo worsted in a yummy shade of blue! I need to get in on a destash of that caliber!

  23. I love this post.
    All the goodness shines. The very ordinary everyday extra special kind of shine.
    I love that the sun has come out a bit and planting has happened and Pony Girl is getting the bike riding thing down.
    I love that our house is crazy because far flung old friends happened to decide on this week to all come for a visit!
    I am loving my moment of quiet right now.

  24. You rock! Next time I feel like I'm drowning in chaos (which I suspect will happen very soon), I'll come over here for some beauty and joyful attitude towards life.

    I'm loving the weather in London at the moment - feels like summer is already here.

  25. Yep, been having a lot of that HATE my messy life moments lately too..

    Sweet post I love your loves :)

  26. that is some stash drying on the line.

  27. I think you need to buy a tin of paint & put it in the bottom of the cupboard & when you really need a change it's there.

    Can't wait to hear more about your caravaning epic holiday plans - where do you plan to visit?

  28. Oh yes, just having a mild morning of "will this rain ever cease" with 4 children inside on school holidays & thought, bugger it, we're going swimming. What a difference, leaving the house, running about, swimming (even if there were soldiers in the pool on base swimming with machine guns & rifles, so funny, my 4 in swim suits & everyone else fully clothed) & now there is no tension, full bellies with lunch in them & a quiet happy afternoon of 4 children being the best of friends. Love Posie

  29. Mowing the lawn. Yup... the wind slapping my face and my floppy hat flopping about as I whiz around the house yard conquering that paddock grass... gxo

  30. So much to love! Glad you are feeling cheered Kate.

    I'm loving my new stack of books from the library, my new Frankie from the letterbox and new gemstones from the courier today!


  31. your guy and my guy have matching sideys!

    I'm glad it turned out better, well done for knowing not to press publish! It's amazing what a day out of life can do (Madonna knew!)

    I love that blue yarn (and I'm not really a blue person) and I can't wait to see the scoodie (I'm off to find out what that actually is!) I'm hunting for a very simple cardi pattern for all the free time I'm planning on our little Easter holiday.

    Have a gorgeous Easter Kate!

  32. Kate, I just bought that sweet little dress for my daughter... Do you think it will fit a four yr old as a top? Could you send me chest measurements? Pretty please. Xx
    Leah.B. Sean the prawn.

  33. Kate, that was me above signed in using the wrong account. Anyway I've bought that dress & am hoping you could send a chest measurement as I want it for my 4yr old as a top.

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