Sunday, April 10, 2011

Rainbow Sunday.

Hello! How are you?

I'm good. I'm happy. I'm having a lovely day.

My folks have been staying here for a couple of days. After breakfast this morning, we rolled out the surveyed map of their block of land and talked about it. What's going to go where and how and when.

We often dream excitedly about what it will be like when they live across the lane from us, but its has been a long time since we've lived near by and I can't really imagine it. Shared meals, a break in their fence for my girls to ride their bikes up, company, extra hands, extra ears, extra drivers, extra cuddles, sheep, a place to run away all feels so exciting.

After they left Farmer Bren went off to be a farmer and I took the girlies to the Sunday market. I'm on the hunt for floral china crockery for the caravan.

Soon after we got there Miss Pepper met a friend and went off for a play at her house. I think this might be the first time she has ever done such a thing. She must be feeling so grown up and independent right now. We feel a bit strange without her.

We shared some little pancakes, chatted with friends, I bought a jar of antique lace scraps and three china plates for a dollar and then we came home.

On the way home from the market we stopped and took some pictures with my new Grandma's Rainbow cushion. Its Michelle's latest pattern.

I finished it last night and realised I didn't have an insert for it. So I walked through the house pulling all the inserts out of other, shop bought cushions. I felt a bit like Goldilocks: this one's too big, this one's too lumpy, this one's too round. Eventually I made one myself and stuffed it with some quilt wadding. I'm still not thrilled with it but it'll do for now.

Grandma's Rainbow Cushion details here.

So now we're home. The big girls are making robots on the craft table, Bren is reading the paper on his ipad on the couch, Miss Pepper is still at her friends' house, I'm about to hit publish and then decide what to do with the enormous crate of pears my Farmer Boy just brought in and then maybe do a few rows of my knitting on the couch. Its cold, wet and windy outside. Perfect baking and knitting weather.

What are you up to?

Have fun out there.



  1. Beautiful shot's Kate. It is sunny here in The Dandenongs, we went to a lovely festival this morning and my boys did some mosaic's.

    Wondered if you would maybe take part in my Squiggly Sundays? I would love that!

    Love Rach x

  2. I just love your photo of Jazzy. Bit of tutorial sewing here, fresh produce from the garden and looking forward to a bit of knitting tonight - after I get the kids all ready for holiday program tomorrow. Maya's first time x

  3. I really need to start going to markets again, I miss them dearly. Yes it is perfect knitting weather and I am just waiting on another test knit to come in my inbox and I will be set to knit tonight. Miss Jazzy looks like the perfect model with the rainbow cushion. I am sure Miss Pepper does feel very grown up going to a friend's house to play by herself.

  4. miss jazzy is a gorgeous young lady! and your cushion is neat, love the design and the colours you have used. we're just bummin' around the place, girls are sewing clothes for their dolls. ahhhh, sunday!


  5. I love the cushion, when I first saw the pattern I thought black and white, but now I have seen your interpretation, I love the rainbow effect, the back is just as pretty. Parents living across the road eh? can see the fors and against on that one - lol!

  6. Great to see the loin cloth has morphed into a cushion, a what a fancy, pretty one it is too! Jazzy looks so much older, I haven't seen her in real life for a while. I'm so excited for you that your parents are going to be nearby soon, what a wonderful way to live. Bet they're excited too, I'm sure they will really love living in this beautiful town/area of ours. We should get our mums together one day? Cuppa at Hepburn maybe? Enjoy the rest of your Sunday, I"m about to do a Sunday post too xo

  7. Sounds like a lovely Sunday. Cute cushion indeed! Love anything rainbowie. I'm thinking about bottling some pears soon. I'll have to buy mine though. An upside down pear pie sounds nice to me.

  8. Oh kate I love your rainbow cushion! it's just stunning.
    so glad you are having a great day.
    and how you're parents are going to be so close soon.
    For them and you guys.
    As someone who lives across the road from mine, I can say it's pretty special. Actually I'm there right now, watching the Saints on Fox, i've got the house to myself as they are away.
    Hope Bren's not watching the footy. It's not the best news xo

  9. Even this time is more beautiful than your pillow where you copied the model. Congratulations! You know very well pull iColor. I have just returned from a walk here and summer is ahead, it is very hot. A little 'I envy you, I hate the heat.

  10. Beautiful pictures, great to see autum leaves we are just getting our cherry blossoms for spring. Kxx

  11. What a beautiful cushion. It is great your parents will be close by soon. I've just moved back with family after being apart for a few years and it is wonderful to have a loving support network so close.

    aeonie x

  12. Well I've just been learning crochet this weekend and I love that cushion! I find it very difficult to learn as knitting is really my thing.

    I'm just learning double crochet and find that my tension gets quite tight - but practice makes perfect so I will keep on trying until I get a perfect square, then I will move on to treble crochet, bit daunting but I will try.

    I want my first project to be a cushion - and that pattern you have followed is fab! x

    Leah xX :)

  13. Sounds like a great day,
    here, swimming (indoor) sewing, cleanig (little) surfing the net and picking Pa's apples :)
    Cant wait to see some pics of the caravan

  14. What a gorgeous photo of your girl, that lovely cushion and pure autumn colour in the background. We don't really get many deciduous trees here in Brizzy so it's nice of you to share.
    Have you tried pear jam?, it's quite yum. We are currently amidst a Star Wars lego invasion at our place. Hoping that my early crochet skills are up to that cushion. And thanks for your lovely comments about my little Liongirl in your dress.

  15. The pillow is great, and the reddish foliage is quite amazing in this day of perfect Spring for us: a Sunday in which to be just lazy, maybe a little knitting, nothing very demanding.

  16. That all sounds lovely! Pepper!!! Growing up so quick!!!

  17. Oh course it's a lovely day with rainbow cushions in the air, how delightful. I can't imagine living near my parents, how amazing, i could talk to my father 24/7 - if that dreaded Alzheimer's takes my mummy first, i'm putting my hand up to adopt my dad (we'd be on our farm by them) & he'd be the best company on my long drive to school in the city - oh the things he'd tell my children about the depression, war, love, gardening, being in the Navy for over 3 decades, wow, he's incredible. Darling mummy isn't quite with us anymore, i have too many children, it confuses her. Love Posie

  18. There is something so perfect about that cushion, it just spells happiness to me. Everyone loves a rainbow! The photos are gorgeous also... loving those rich red autumn leaves. Pear is such a beautiful fruit, so many delicious options there... hope we get to have a peek at how you decide to use them ;o)
    P.S. Stewed with a dollop of ice-cream gets my vote!

  19. The cushion thrown in the air makes me really happy for reasons unknown. Or maybe it was your lovely post. x

  20. Sounds like a lovely day at your place and great weather for crafting:) sound like Miss Pepper is growing up and spreading her wings just a little. We went to a 4x4 show and I came home with a cryovac sucky thing. Looking forward to going to the butchers and getting some meat and vacing it all. Also planning on our ten days camping over Easter. Well sorting out what craft I will take:)
    Yay to having your parents that close. You know my story of 12 hours close:)

  21. Oh I so LOVE your rainbow cushion. If only I could master the use of needles to create, and I could make my own. Maybe one day.
    I am currently sipping white wine on the 20th floor of our Hong Kong apartment overlooking the south china sea, while missing my sewing machine back in Melbourne. Have a lovely week. Cat

  22. its beena slow lazy day, sleeping in this morning, Shaun & I listening to music together, gorgeous friends for afternoon tea and a walk in our fab park across the road PLUS more news re the little one soon to join our home...I promise you Kate I will share the news very soon!! Regards my Mutton Days - I still do not like lamb or mutton, it fills me with a horrible sick feeing!! and does not appear on the TK menu!! TK xx

  23. great pics kate. love the story. great pillow,,,orange leaves,,,make pear chutney! and..your dreamy story sounds just like mine. we're in australia and moving home , finally, next year to a plot right next to my folks. kids can run thru the pasture to nana and pops. xxxx

  24. There are lots of changes happening there. I think it's a great idea to have the family close. I have a step son and his wife living a few minutes away and I would love my sons and their wives to move here too. I think it works if you all have your own space, but there is that wonderful benefit of having a supportive family and help when you need it. I think it brings the family closer together too.

    I love your cushions.

  25. Thank you so much for your comment, yes I too feel he will do well in his new school. Our old school did try but sometimes there needs to be major intervention.
    I so love the autumn colours around your way, sounds like a perfect Sunday and then to be planning for family to be close...oh how I wish!
    Oh! and just this Saturday gone a friend of mine made a delicious salad for lunch similar to a Waldorf basically baby spinich, cucumber, capsicum and slivered almonds with slices of nashi pears tossed in a light dressing YUM! Happy pear munching/cooking.

  26. I love your posts! They make me feel all warm inside! Thanks for brightening up my morning!

  27. what a lovely day, and no monday school rush, yippee. love the cushion

  28. Totally *LOVING* the colourful cushions yuo have been making these past months. Really inspiring for some top secret future plans I have brewing ;)

  29. Oh Kate...Seeing these pictures makes me so thrilled...and having a day out with your children and there grandparents makes it so much more special...
    It is just lovely in a rainbow of colours...I would never have thought of doing that...
    I am so, so very lucky you are my pattern tester...
    You have made my week!!!
    Thank you So Much!!!

  30. I've been meaning to pop back here and comment on how DELICIOUS that cushion is, how BEAUTIFUL your elf is and how magical those trees are. Perfect combo.

  31. Love that pillow. Might have to try it!


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