Thursday, April 28, 2011

Talamh-at long last.

Ugh, no wonder my kids have had enough of posing for me and my blog. Standing in front of the camera really doesn't feel all that comfortable for me either.

I did consider a couple of photos of my Talamh cardi on a hanger, but then you wouldn't get the shapeliness or the placement of the waffle lace.

So after lunch today I was brave and I stood up near the shed and told my Farmer Boy what sort of photos to take and what bits to focus on. I stood there and twirled and whirled and he snapped away. All the while the other farmer boys were pretending not to watch and I was hoping like anything that he got some good ones and we could hurry it all up and go back to what we were doing before that.

Just in case you are wondering, Talamh means land, earth and ground in Old Irish. I have absolutely no idea how it is pronounced.

My Talamh was finished a couple of months ago but after I stretched out the lacy bits while blocking, it grew about three sizes and was unwearable. So it sat in a grumpy, bad tempered heap in my sewing room until two days ago when I decided to give it one more go. This time I soaked it and laid it out on a towel without any stretching at all. As you can see, it does fit a bit better now but it still does slip off my shoulders. I'm thinking a couple of buttons and something underneath might help fix that situation further.

Ok, so there it is. Talamh Raveled and blogged and we can all go about our business.

How do you feel about standing in front of the camera?
Are all of us bloggers better at being behind it than in front?
I'm starting a few Friday photography classes tomorrow so chances are no one will ever be allowed to touch my camera again once I really know how to use it.

I hope you are having a sunshiny afternoon where ever you are.
We're having tofu wraps for dinner. You?

See ya. xx


  1. It's A's week of cooking so who knows what's for dinner. I totally would have worn your 2 sizes too big unpronounceable Irish word. It's pretty, but better now you can wear it, obviously.

    Not a fan of being in front of the camera unless I can veto (delete) the absolutely terrible pictures & photoshop the hell out of the rest. ;)

  2. It's lovely, Kate, however unpronouncable it may be! Thanks for braving the camera for us---it wouldn't have looked near as nice on a hanger.

  3. I prefer being behind the camera, but made myself take photos of myself for new avatar picture that showed me not hiding behind sunnies.
    I love your cardi.

  4. Looks lovey Kate, and the farmer bo did a great job with the photos. Not at all a fan of being in front of the camera (but not that great behind it either).

    I have a casserole in the slow cooker today - the smell is just starting to fill the house. Delicious!

  5. do you know Kate, I have been thinking alot about this this week. I have realised, that most of the blogs I like best include photos- of the blogger themselves and their families. It's nice to see you, it's personal. I never do faces on my blog- fear of the world wide web- but I think, when I get courageous , that will change.
    It's to do with confidence, and self perception of how we look too- me, well, I am trying to embrace myself, but it's an ongoing struggle. ummm, just after a one liner when you asked that were you? Sorry. No, I am not comfortable seeing photos of myself!

  6. Something involving chicken, pasta and any veges that I can sneak in. Better find some motivation before dinner time.
    It looks lovely- and I guess you are champing at the bit to make another one in a smaller size. I am glad that reblocking was so successful.
    Mr Boozle rarely gets the shots that I want. I am trying to train my 7 year old instead...

  7. I'm super awkward in front of cameras these days... so I feel your pain! Oh, and keep bribing your kids, I love their cute poses!!

  8. Chicken curry, made by the husband as I'm at work.

    My Ravelry page has several awkward photos of me modelling my knitwear. I set up the self timer and then leap into position, but never remember to look excited at the prospect of wool. Tough work, this blogging business.

  9. Another FO off the needles Kate, you are flying along with your knitting. I love the lace panels in it. How are you going with the test knit!

  10. That is one gorgeou cardi, the colour really suits you...your farmer boy got some great shots :)

    I much prefer to be behind the camera, always have!! and as for dinner I have no idea yet, haven't even given it a thought.


  11. Thank you for the lovely comment you left on my blog. It was realy quite quick and easy to knit.

    I'm thinking of what to do next Shalom or Tea Leaves cardigan.

    Your cardigan looks Lovely. I love the lace parts.
    That what scares me about knitting all that time and effort and some like that happening. Im getting over the dissapointment of my Jo Sharp vest flop. It's sitting in a heap on my dressing table, untill Im able to fix up the shoulders.

    I was realy tired in those pictures Katie took of me on my blog. Little Lou didn't sleep well the night before, no make up just me. Im hopeing the pretty colours of my cardigan will detract from my face LOL...;)

  12. This is my sort of cardy - i wear alot of grey i think! Love that it is held together with a brooch.

    I do not like being infront of the camera. Thats why my 'about me' photo won't be changing for a while! (took myself, holding the camera out)

    We're having a slow cooker thingy too - tho i feel like spaghetti now!♥

  13. I'm glad you stood in front of the camera to show us your wonderful handiwork!
    You're definitely one creative hot chicca!
    Me, I prefer to stand behind the camera...and I'm jealous of your photography classes..something I can't wait to do myself.

  14. It looks fantastic Kate. I prefer things to be comfortably loose these days ;) I really really dislike having my photo taken... it never looks like me so I avoid it like the plague! The trick I find is always to be the pone taking the photos :))

  15. Hmm... the "one" taking the photos, of course... ;)
    although I could invent a new word "pone"... prone to avoid photos ;)

  16. You are funny Kate! Actually you look fantastic - and the cardi looks great too.

    I despise having my photo taken. I would seriously rather go to the dentist than pose for photos!

    And dinner for us - kebabs and corn cobs on the bbq, making the most of this gorgeous autumnal weather!

    ps I saw purple carrots at the grocers the other day - they make me think of you!

  17. Looks brilliant. Very envious of the magic you can weave with the knitting sticks... I'm struggling with the Shalom cardi from Ravelry at the mo... New potatoes, chorizo and rocket!

  18. I hate being in front of camera too but I follow a few blogs with ladies who are awesome in front of the camera and I hope to be like them one day (if wishes were horses

  19. I usually take about 25 shots then only post the best one!!
    But of course, I don't have such a gorgeous cardi to model!!

  20. I totally feel very uncomfortable in front of the camera, and Im really unphotogenic except the rare one.
    You on the other hand are not.
    Not sure what's for dinner, which means either toast or noodles a bit of leek and some cheese, and vegies to of course. xo
    PS and of course gorgeous Cardi, gorgeous model I say

  21. Kate your cardigan is gorgeous! I have cardigan envy ;-)

    I hate taking my photo for the blog but agree that it's a necessary evil to show what something looks like on. I usually set the self timer on the camera then run around like an idiot trying to get one nice pic!

    Btw, I finished knitting my hooded scarf, yay! Hoping to blog it soon. Thanks again x

  22. With my rudimentary understanding of Irish language, I'd imagine that it would be pronounced "Tulluv".. with a short U sound, like in "cup".
    I'm prepared to be corrected on either of those (perhaps the "a" is pronounced as in "cat"?)...but I won't budge on my opinion that it looks great, and so do you!

  23. Oops - moved the CAT sentence and forgot to edit the previous sentence. WHATEVER....

    "MH" is pronounced "V" in gaelic and you look fab!

    So there.

  24. Lovely cardi, lovely model, mh is v (as already commented above) and my family's dinner was good ol spag bol (with hidden vegies!!). I hope you get lots out of your photography lessons but don't disappear off our blog screens! xxx

  25. It's just lovely Kate & you look great! I'm not so keen on being infront of the camera either but I've been gearing myself up for a pic..eek, maybe sooner than later...we're having indian curry tonight, YUM!

  26. The cardi is beautiful!
    We had rhubarb and apple crumble tonight(and leftover risotto) - gluten -free of course.

  27. I would never have guessed that cardigan didn't fit you. I'd also never have guessed you were uncomfortable in front of the camera!

    You look fine to me.

    We had Sloppy Joes for dinner (bit like your cardigan!).

    I try and stay away from the camera because I'm an old crone!

  28. You look great Kate ... love the red and white stripe too!! Dinner at my house was meatballs with dinosaur pasta ... pretty fancy hey!!

  29. Super gorgeous cardi!

    I hate being in front of the camera. It's pretty evident by looking at any photo of me on my blog. And if I'm smiling, I"m thinking, "get this f****** over with!"

  30. It's gorgeous, Kate. I can't believe you've only been knitting for a tiny time. You're just unbelievably cxlever cloggy crafty.

    And, no, NEVER comfortable in front of the camera. Hence, no photos of me on my blog. Just can't do it. Cringe. You look 100 x more comfy than me, trust me!! x

  31. i love it, what a wonderful cardi! i only wish i could knit when i see the beautiful things you have been making! we had spaghetti for dinner, it was delish, especially as i didn't cook it! i hate having my photo taken, i'm not photogenic at all.


  32. Just read your comment - you had a Single White Female moment? You must share a link to the post that revealed all as I am dead-set curious. What a bizarre thing to do. Sheesh, people never cease to amaze me. They have to copy and steal, they can't just be admiring of others. Weirdos. x

  33. Hi, darling Kate
    Regarding how to pronounce talamh, here's the go [1].
    It's nowhere near phonetic, of course.
    Oh what fun.
    P.S. Fish, and potatoes in their jackets.

  34. Just think of yourself in front of the shed, rather than in front of the camera! So glad you modeled the cardigan for us.

    I made lasagne tonight - I am stuffed full and ready for a cup of tea.

  35. You're so cute Kate! Your cardi is lovely also. And NO, I am not comfortable in front of the camera at all. I LOVE LOVE LOVE taking the pics, just not starring in them ;o)
    Made me laugh that all the boys were pretending not to watch you posing, hehehe, BOYS!
    We had spaghetti bolognese for dinner, an old fave :o)

  36. such a spunk.

    i read your comment over at ML and am curious about your single white female first birthday experience too. do tell!

    easter eggs and sourdough. sshhhh don't tell. (sam & aila are away. i fed the baby something nutritious. promise.)

  37. Hmmm, left over risotto. Oh I don't like my photo being taken, I don't like the old woman who stares back at me, cos I'm still young (!) in my heart. Love the cardi.
    x Sandi

  38. Kate ~ if you get desperate re the neckline ~ you could consider either unpicking the neckline row ~ or picking up stitches on a long cricular needle ~ knit a few rows in whatever stitch its in ~ then do some decreasing evenly spaced out (not too much or it will look too obvious) ~ knit a few more rows and then another decrease row.
    this will bring it in ~ so it will sit a little higher up.
    I rescued a cardi like this once.
    Christa xx

  39. I'm usually the one taking the photos.. It's just the way it is. If I want a photo of myself I have to ask for it..And turn the camera on for him.. and tell him to zoom, where to stand etc!!! And the photos don't usually turn out that terrifically.. My 6 year old boy is a great photographer though...

    We had wraps too!

  40. Great job Kate, it looks lovely. I hate being in front of the camera, too much of a reality check and not how I 'see' myself :-)

  41. not a fan of having photos taken either!!
    love your cardi! the lace bits are perfect.
    had sushi for dinner ~ the new takeaway idea :)

  42. Talamh is pronounced t-olive

    Love your Cardi - Ta sé go hálainn ar fad.


  43. it's gorgeous...and so are you. It was probably the highlight of the farmers' day! x

  44. You are too cute!!! Love it and if I am not taking pics of myself I generally hope whoever is loses the memory card or drops the camera in the water.Blah.

    Yay for camera class..Excited to see what you learn :)

  45. Hope that you had fun at the photography course today. I too am much more comfortable behind the camera (which reminds me, I have seen myself a skirt and am yet to blog it.

  46. LOATHE to be in front of the camera !!!
    Your farmer boy did a great job kate ...

  47. nice work! in front of the camera and with your lace cardi. both look pretty super to me.
    like most of your commenters here too i am a behind the camera kinda girl.
    have a lovely weekend x

  48. I can't stand it, but it's much less embarrassing with a tripod and self timer ha ha!

  49. You should hear the angst that goes down when I try and art direct a camera wielding Mr. He considers himself a bit of a creative type and I have an opinion myself = sure fire disaster.

    PS. I really bloody hate it when blocking does evil stuff. Just working up the courage to unravel a Tea Leaves or possibly two. Yarn too, too nice to waste.

  50. Why yes, much happier behind the camera but i think it's lovely to see bloggers on their own blogs too. Great cardigan, gorgeous work, style & colour. Love Posie

  51. Gorgeous!! And yes I took *your* advice on learning how to knit - choose something really worthwhile or you won't want to finish it (you know, or words to that effect :-) - so I picked the jumper for Meerkat.
    And no, I don't like being in front of the camera much either :-)
    have a great weekend

  52. I find it uncomfortable if I have to pose. Remembering my wedding photos, there are some beautiful shots because I was unaware of a camera. Natural is best. But I'm always behind the camera, taking the shots!
    Like your cardi and brooch!
    Found you on Pip's site.

  53. Great cardi!

    For my part... I don't like being photographed at all. I feel very self conscious and don't like seeing photos of myself either. Come to think of it - I don't like mirrors either. Better not to know me thinks !!!

  54. I am the same- just not into getting in front of the camera at all. I LOVe that farmer girl jumper below. Gorgeous! xo m.

  55. Gorgeous - I'll have to add that to the list that I get my mum to knit for me! Cheeky!

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