Tuesday, April 12, 2011

In my kitchen...in my head...

Indi has gone camping and horse riding with her auntie and her cousin, Farmer Bren has gone to Melbourne to pick up 600 day old chicks, Pepper and Jazzy are eating their lunch of rocket, lemon, feta and tomato on toast and I am peeling, chopping, stirring, heating, measuring, ladling, sealing and labeling.

Starting from top left:the red onions are from Tony Italian up the road and will be used in all my cooking over the next week, the tomatoes are also from Tony Italian and will be eaten in salads and on toast until they run out, the rocket and mixed salad leaves are from our kitchen garden and are for lunch today, the kiwi fruit are from vines at my parents' block of land across the lane, the quinces are being bubbled into quince jelly (only a few batches to go now), the last of our plums for this season will be eaten before this post is published, our strawberries will be eaten or made into a syrup this afternoon, the pears are ours and are being picked by the crate load right now, the apples are being eaten, baked in a pie, and preserved, the carrots are being eaten (I hate cooked carrots), the eggs are for lunch for the farmer boys and their kids, and the lemons from Sandy's are being added to all the preserves.

The grapes are being eaten and made into jelly.

And the honey is yummy and slowly being spun out of the frames.

You should smell my house...you should see my pile of dishes...

I always say that Autumn depresses me with its chilly, short days but I do love this aspect of it.

And while all this is going on I am thinking about blogging. Why I blog, what I like in other people's blogs, bloggy communities and bloggy records of our lives. I'm also thinking about blog popularity contests, about big companies trying to cash in on our community and about advertising in the blog world.

So much to think about, so much to say.

I will start with the fact that I admire truth and reality and authenticity in blogs. I am not interested in popularity contests, its hard enough dealing with those vicariously through a pre-teen. And my blog is about me and my gang, and the stuff I make and the stuff I like, and the stuff that you make and I like. That's it.

What are you thinking?



  1. I am thinking that I am glad that I haven't got caught up in the whole advertising-promotion- popularity thingies that can come with blogging.
    And I am thinking that most of my fave blogs aren't crammed full of advertising logos. And I am thinking that I wish I was sitting in your kitchen right now. Even if I had to help wash up, I'd enjoy the smell and productivity of it all. Mmmmmm!

  2. I'm amazed that you're 3 year old is eating gourmet bruschetta for lunch!!

    And I love how authentic your blog is and always has been. Enjoy your autumn preserving and I look forward to the next installment of life on Fox's Lane!!

  3. I don't like blog popularity competitions/lists/polls. It seems so very High School to me.
    Love all your produce and kitchen productivity.

  4. I'm thinking I wish my computer came with a 'smell' function so I could enjoy what's going on in your kitchen!
    I also don't like it when blogs start to carry ads - for me it just makes me feel sad - that the blogger has peraps lost track of why they started their blog.
    I especially lose interest when they start to have insincere product reviews about anything and everything.
    Hope your day is going well Kate.

  5. I'm thinking that I'm loving looking at all that beautiful homegrown produce and the beautiful colours of the rainbow they have made. I'm also thinking that I'm glad that I can go and see my girls compete in their cross country races and that this afternoon they've got homemade muffins to eat. There is always so much to think about, that's why I've started yoga! (lol) Enjoy the rest of your day and thank you for being you. xo

  6. I am thinking that I love your blog for that very reason...it is genuine and honest!!
    I am also thinking how nice it would be to be working alongside you in your kitchen with all that amazingly fresh produce.
    I am thinking that if I could smell what you are smelling I would be drooling right about now.
    Love popping by to read the goings on in Foxs Lane :)

  7. Hello Kate - love all your produce and thanks for telling us what you are going to do with it. So inspiring and transporting. I too have been thinking very similarly about blogs! Telling Hubby last night that it is the blogs where life is laid out simply, not too many details but not glossy, that I love visiting the most. Yes, not a fan of advertising unless it is for the blogger's business or friends otherwise it does have a somewhat invasion feel to it. I very much am enjoying what you share here at Foxs Lane. As to my other thoughts - well they pretty much revolve around 'will I get all my knitting done in time?!' xxx Fi

  8. I'm thinking I want to come over to your place for a snack! I'll help with the dishes! Yum, all those bowls of fresh food are making my mouth water. :)

    I'm also thinking about my op-shop purchases today and how great it is that thrifting helps us lead a more simple life. For environmental reasons, for budget reasons, for style reasons, I'm thinking about all the reasons I love op-shopping.

    I know we could not afford many of the things we have if we didn't buy second hand. And I love it when you find something at an op-shop you thought you would have to buy new, like a sifter. Or a sugar bowl. I wanted a white sugar bowl for ages, but didn't want to have to buy a new one. I found one opping then I broke the lid. The next week I found another one!


  9. I am thinking that I really need to go make another cup of tea just now, I am also thinking that I am super glad it is school hols next week, I am drooling over the produce goodness going on over at Fox's Lane and I am thinking about Blog Awards and advertising - I don't mind awards as long as it is authentic - I got one last week and it really made my week BECAUSE of the reason why I got it - nothing else. I REALLY REALLY don't like advertising on blogs - it takes forever to download on my screen and takes away from what I want to do (ie: read the post!!!) I guess my blog is just a personal space for me....so I will never be in to the advertising thing anyway!! Happy kitchen kapers dear Kate!! TK xx

  10. I'm thinking I'm hungry again and I'll now need to make an extra effort at the gym tonight to make up for all the Marshmallow I ate earlier. Now if I'd eaten all your yummy goodness i wouldn't be feeling so guilty!

  11. I'm thinking how lucky you are we aren't all in your lovely smelling kitchen right now ! Beautiful photos !

  12. Love the top photo and all the colours in it. I wish I could come over and bottle some of your kitchen smell, so I could sniff it on not-so-good days - I bet it smells like perfect gentle happiness.

  13. I'm thinking that blogs like yours remind me how much I can't wait to move back to the country!
    I don't know what to think about the whole blog popularity thing, but I do know it makes me happy when people read and comment on my blog. Is that a form of craving blog popularity?

  14. I'm thinking I need to go the shops to get some good bread so I can eat toast and tomato too. My favourite food.


  15. No, I'm not talking about wanting people to read and comment on our blogs, I think we all want a bit of that action. I'm not even talking about blog awards within the blog community. I'm talking about a company that is setting up a top blogger contest. You write and post a blog about the product they are selling and they'll judge who is the best and most popular.

  16. I'm thinking ... I like the stuff you make!!

  17. I like your blog Kate for all the reasons you express.
    Blogging is like reading magazines in a way. We are drawn to those that interest us and the bonus is we have an opportunity to share our pics and thoughts.
    Your comments make me think about why I'm blogging.
    No ads for me. Ever.

  18. before I even got to the part where you wrote about blogs & authenticity, I was thinking what a lovely post. These things that you admire are exactly the reasons I read your blog!
    I'm also reminded that i really want to move to the country. *sigh* a suburban vegie patch & a easter country break will have to do!

  19. It's going to be an unresolved dynamic between bloggers and readers - an audience is part of the fun, or else we would simply keep it all private. And if we are going to enjoy our audience, shouldn't we cultivate it? Shouldn't we consciously put things on our blogs that they are going to enjoy? If more people enjoy our blogs, and we become more popular, isn't that good?

    I have no answers by the way, just questions. I also have the moral high ground because I have NO readers :)

  20. I am thinking that all that food looks delish!
    I'm not sure if I have ever commented here, but I have read your blog for awhile and I love it.
    I agree with everything you said about blogging popularity contests, sometimes I find myself feeling like I am a teenager again and I hate that, and then I remember what I learned while I was a teenager: I just need to be me and not worry about popularity contests.

    Most of my favorite blogs are ones that have no advertising on them, yours included :)

  21. I'm thinking that I want a farm, and space, and fresh food that I've grown. I'm thinking that I get you about blogs. I read yours because its real life - no pretences. I find autumn a bit depressing too, even though I love lots of things about it. Nic x

  22. Hello. I've never left a comment on your blog before, but I've admired your content from time to time. I agree with the genuine and authentic people with whom you like to connect. I have a very simple blog, with absolutely no time for advertising or monetising of any kind. The whole purpose of having a blog, at least for me, is so that I have a space to go to that allows me to be whoever I want; to say whatever I want and to showcase whatever it is I'm cooking or making. Anything else somehow seems phony. And of course connecting with a few people to share thoughts and suggestions is warm and enjoyable. Nothing more nothing less.
    Oh, I've received one blog award which in the blog world is pretty poor. I think. But I don't care. I removed it anyway. Cheers. Mariana.

  23. I do adore all the colour of your produce. So deliciously perfectly lovely. I don't like the sound of that competition, not one bit. Sounds knifey and unsavoury to me. I, personally, have absolutely no issue with people making money from their blogs. Good luck to them I say. But I don't like the idea of rating. Popularity contests always descend into a nasty little hen peck. Not attractive.

  24. I'm thinking that the bowls of goodies on this post are quite the opposite to the bowls on my post! Lots of lovely, inspirational food here, it's making me hungry! I guess we blog in a similar way, happy to be doing our own thing and comfortable in our own skins. I really do enjoy reading your thoughts on a million different things, Kate, and I always find something inspiring or funny here too. I guess it helps that I know & love you in real life, maybe that's also why yours is one of the first rooms I visit when I turn the key in the front door of blog land. Hope you are having a happy day xo

  25. The fresh produce is just to die for.
    I seriously dont understand why people feel the need for takeaway food when you can have such yummy foods.

    600 day old chicks! Wow that is massive, imagine the noise all their cheep, cheep, cheeps would make.

  26. I am thinking big companies that think they can "buy" us suck.

    I am thinking that advertising anything not related to what your blog is about is maybe not good?

    I am thinking crafting and handmade is about making stuff that is nice and maybe supporting small indie businesses and not say... I don't know... car companies?

    I am thinking sometimes people who don't regularly read blogs don't get it.

    I am thinking you are ace.

    I am thinking you have same same standards of what is ok on blogs to me.

    I am thinking sometimes life is so unfair it hurts my heart

    I am thinking when Busy is 16 and I want her to talk to me and maybe she won't i will remmeber these days when she chatted endlessly to me.

    I am thinking what is for dinner Chef?

    I am thinking hwo great it will be when we get our new deck built.

  27. All that fresh produce looks amazing!I think your blog is fabulous!

  28. What an interesting conversation! I don't even know what big company thing you're talking about but it sounds dumb anyway, who wants ads on blogs? I hate them, and was pretty gutted when I saw one on mine, contacted wordpress and discovered that they put them on there to "keep blogs free" and if I wanted a completely ad free blog I would have to pay them personally.... er... nah!
    what to do?
    So far I'm ignoring it, damn that small print!
    Anyway, your produce looks amazing,
    have a nice day!

  29. I think we have enough ads on tv let alone on blogs and podcasts! Your produce looks amazing Kate, and I am just wishing that bananas were cheaper at the moment so I could put some in our fruit bowl. Yours would extra delicious as they are so fresh. Our next door neighbour gave us some bags of apples off their trees which taste so crunchy and nice. I might have to cook up an apple pie tomorrow to use some up as days like this make me wish to stay inside and do some knitting and cooking!

  30. i am thinking that I am hungry seeing all your yummy goodness here!
    not much else is going on in my head, i feel really exhausted this week, too many goings on at ours, nothing bad, just house stuff and I am really frazzled.
    miss our chats, I'd love to come for a drive one day soon.
    i know what you mean about the whole blog thing, i love the community, don't want to post for anyone else. I love my favourite people.
    i'm babbling..need dinner.
    lots of hugs to you ♥

  31. What a kitchen I can only imagine how good it looks and smells...

    Simplicity is the best style of blog...popularity is over rated and authenticity is what shines through.

  32. I'm thinking I'm hungry.

    I'm thinking i really enjoy your honesty, and your authenticity.

    I don't have an issue with ads as such... but I do know that the more 'advertising' or 'sponsored posts' a blog does, the less I seem to connect with them.

    I'm thinking about it...

  33. I am thinking that your kitchen would be an amazing place to be in... but I am thinking that you are an incredibly hard worker too.

    I am thinking that I will need to make some time tomorrow (or maybe the day after), to really soak in and enjoy some beautiful blog posts I've just popped into tonight, and to read the comments (and I think that the blogs I like best often have the best comments - people sharing thoughts and having conversations, and I like thinking about how great it would be / will be / is to have those conversations in real life too...)
    and I think I need to go to sleep, because today was a bit tiring and sleep is good... see you soon!

  34. Hi Kate,

    I've been thinking about blogging too lately, and I have to say, I think you have found a good balance with yours. I love seeing all the super creative stuff you make, but I really enjoy the very honest and beautifully written insights you offer, particularly your feelings about the baby-nurturing stage being over, something I'm still struggling to accept. Anyway,I guess blogging is a means of earning an income for some people and when money's involved things often do lose their way a bit. xk

  35. Yummo scrummo - can I come and live in your pantry???

    I am so looking forward to being down south again (is it bad that I am already planning on what to plant - before I unpack boxes:) in January.

  36. that honey looks so amazing (the last time I got too close to a hive I got stung :-(
    I've just posted a slightly more truthful post than I would normally...and it's a bit scary - but I totally agree I'm not into popularity contests (if I was I wouldn't have just hit publish!!)

  37. Oh Kate! I am thinking I am SO GLAD I found your blog, because every single post makes me smile. You are a natural at engaging your audience and I love that. The pictures of all that bright, colourful, delicious looking produce enthralled me. All of a sudden I feel like eating what Pepper & Jazzy had for lunch, haha! The power of suggestion ;o)
    As for the blogging and advertising and money making... all I know is that I am quickly drawn to certain blogs and drilling down a little further, I'm always more drawn to the posts about people's lives, experiences, stories... within those blogs. That is why I decided to blog myself. I can read advertisements anywhere, but I can't read about people like you and I just anywhere. I see blogging as a real privilege, getting to know people who I would otherwise have never known, if it weren't for their blogs.

  38. I'm thinking that I have green tomatoes coming out of my ears right now (so to speak!) and I need to do a little of that preserving and bottling myself.
    I'm very new to the blogging world, but I blog as an outlet and to chat with people with similar interests. I've followed blogs for a few years and always disliked the ones that became too commercial...too many ads and paid plugs.
    I've been enjoying yours for quite awhile for both the realism and escapism of it.

  39. I'm thinking that I'm hungry and will be off to make your version of cheese on toast.

    But in terms of Blogging.... Mine is for me, to keep a record of what happens in my life as I have given up keeping a diary of the paper kind. If people want to read it, that's great but not essential. I like reading other people's Blogs because I am just plain nosey!

  40. YUM!
    Once again I wish i could pop on over. I could bring some spinach and dried quandong in exchange for a cuppa :) Wouldnt it be fun :)

    I agree about the blogging stuff... authentic blogs about peoples lives and the things they love are the best. Mind u Im feeling a little time poor in that department lately blogging that is not loving ;).

  41. Another great honest and thought provoking post Kate.And really I would just say what the previous blogger, Mrs Average, wrote. It's kind of like my visual diary open to the world. And it's a great place to share your creations and inspirations and ideas.
    And I just love living in a rural enviroment for all that lovely fresh produce and for such wonderful generous neighbours.

  42. Yes I do agree with you re blogs, I have had mine going just over a year now and can 'see' some attempting to out do others. I love the blogs with everday happenings, along with craft and cooking and just funny musings. Your food looks delish and would taste even better, it is so fresh mmmmm.
    x Sandi

  43. Ahh, all that gorgeous food that you grew or someone you knew grew, lovely. It doesn't get any better than that.
    Pah, to popularity contests. Keep it real sister.

  44. I'm thinking that you are one smart chickadee and when I am feeling lazy your thinking does my thinking for me as we are often thinking along similar lines. I'm also thinking about how good your kitchen would smell (and I'm ignoring the dishes just like a do here) and waiting patiently for when I can get a garden going again.

  45. I am wishing that I had a bounty like yours on my kitchen table. We lost all our apples to bugs this year.

    I also think your blog is wonderful and I love reading it. There are a few blogs that I have stopped reading because of the ads etc....

  46. I'm thinking that your gang rocks ;o)

  47. What a feast for the eyes. We've had a bumper tomato year and from three plants, I've made tomato sauce, several batches of tomato sugo (for the freezer) and we've been eating tomatoes daily since March. They're still piling up! And I've got some quinces here ready to do something with...

    I love your blog Kate. I love it's authenticity and your energy. Fox's Lane is the quintessential blog for me! Love it.

  48. Yup!

    I think it's OK to respectfully decline the offer.

    I did not write a blog post when I was nominated for such an award last year. Just said "It's not for me" but thanks for thinking of me. I guess the PR folk need to make a living too...

    Good on you Kate.

  49. Wow, totally jealous over here :)...I hate that I live in a state with loads of farmers markets but really they are so far away it's just not feasible to go often..:(...YUM

  50. Have been skulking around your lovely blog, enjoying it. Sorry I won't be meeting you at Sewjourn in June. You definitely have Too Much On that weekend.

  51. I am thinking I don't know how you fit it all in :-)

    I am thinking living in the country is fantastic and I wouldn't want to live anywhere else but I am sad because my 'Russell' killed a black snake in the garden and didn't survive the escapade :-(

    I am thinking of how proud I am that he was doing a good job of looking after us :-)

    I am thinking that Daisy's pups due in 8 weeks might have a little Russell??

    I am thinking that 600 baby chicks would be a handful and lucky you have those fantastic dogs :-)

    I am thinking that the girls lunch sounds delicious and it is time for my dinner now that the house is quiet :-)

    I am thinking thank goodness that school is over for two weeks and we can all sleep in tomorrow!!!!

  52. Yum Kate!
    Everything you mentioned makes my mouth water! I only wish my small (and currently slightly neglected) veggie patch would produce as much gorgeous produce as yours has!

  53. i am thinking i did the right thing in clicking this link and finding you. what a lovely blog you have!

  54. I'm thinking that I've been reading your blog for ages and now's about time I actually commented!
    I've also been thinking about the 'real' part of your post. So I went and posted something 'real' on my blog. About friendships and trust and the odd one out. Thanks for the inspiration.

  55. I try to live as simply as I/we can and that includes keeping my blogs simple (I have just started another one) it's great to hear from people and be part of the community and learn things and share, but that same community can sometimes also lead to feeling left out too as some of the big blogs talk of their favourite blogs a lot etc etc so for me that just means I don't really visit some of the bigger blogs anymore and I don't even think about them, I save my little pc time for lovely blogs and peeps like you My blogs are really are there for me I guess. I must say I LOVE LOVE LOVE Autumn it's my fave and I look forward to it so much, the days getting shorter the smell in the air, the leaves turning red, getting out bed socks and house cardigans, not avoiding baking as it will make the house hot mmmm I love it

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