Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I had a bit of an emotionally full on morning this morning.

Well, actually this story begins when a friend of mine was having an emotionally full on morning this morning. My part of it came when I got her baby to look after for a couple of hours.

Usually these days when I am lucky enough to hold someone else's baby it involves lots of sitting around and cuddling and drinking tea. Not this time though. This time we were at bush kinder and so there was lots of walking and sitting and climbing and dancing.

Miss Pepper didn't mind sharing me at all. In fact watching how independant and grown up my baby is was an enormous emotional moment in itself.

And then there was this baby. There was the juggling of my bags, the ache in my shoulder after a while, the entertaining her and letting her pull at me and chew my hair, the smell of her...you get the picture. It was all so familiar and delicious and yet for me it is all gone.

Eventually her Mama came to take her off me. Eventually I let go. And then, thank goodness, Miss Pepper came and grabbed my hand and we skipped up the road.

Are you ok? My Farmer Boy asked me at lunch when I told him of my morning. I think I probably could have crumbled into a messy heap right now I replied, but I have just picked up two packages from the post office this morning and so I'm ok.

I think I'm a bit shallow like that.

Package one was crammed full of Michelle's fabric scraps. Eeeeeeep!!! Lucky me and thank you so much Michelle. One woman's scraps are definitely another woman's treasures.

I realised that I know nothing about fabric though when Michelle wrote that she is particularly excited to see what I am going to make with the voile. Hmmmm which one exactly is the voile?? I must say that I'm particularly excited to have some of the denim apple fabric Michelle once made herself a gorgeous skirt out of.

Package two was three bundles of wool from Kate. Some delicious greeny wool she dyed up for me and some of her gorgeous blue sock wool. Thanks Kate, I love, love, love them.

So you see I'm ok. I have gorgeous new bits and pieces to play with, the sun is out, my washing is drying on the line and my grape jelly is bubbling away on the stove.

Deep breath...

Ciao, ciao. XX


  1. not shallow at all Kate, just human. The smell of babes does it to me too! A parcel in the mail - what joy!!! Now we are living more rural - we are doing lots of online shopping. The delayed gratification is wonderful!

    Enjoy the sunshine
    Love Rach x

  2. what's shallow about that? you are one of the least shallow people I know, honest to god.
    big hugs and love
    Jess xo

  3. Amen to enormous emotional moments and packages in the post! And maybe to the rare glass of wine on a school night.

  4. It is tough when the head and the heart are headed in different directions. For the first time in 3years, now that Mae is officially beyond baby/infant/toddler status, I have been a little melancholy for the loss and have coo-ed over newborns. But my head reminds me that I am 42 years old, tells me that I struggle day to day with 3 and then nudges me with the "remember how sick you were during your pregnancies?" stick and I know that I just have to enjoy the next stage of my life and theirs. Doesn't stop us mums from getting sad about it at times though. Thinking of you.

  5. I hear you, Kate. My friends are under strict instructions to keep me 6 feet from anyone under 2 years of age.

    Deep breaths.


  6. I have had an emotional morning as well. My cousin has just had her breast removed and will start chemo on Thursday. She is about to under go a massive amount of toxins and then radiation in the hope of saving life. I got home and had a few quite tears, for her, her two little boys, her partner and parents and sisters.
    So I have surrounded myself with craft and am half way through knitting her a beanie.
    Enjoy your parcels:).

  7. Seriously, if some gorgeous packages of delight arrived on your door step and distracted you from the ticking clock - then some higher power must be keeping an eye out for you! Not shallow at all in my book.

  8. That's why I am enjoying my wee boy so much why he is a wee boy still, although he is growing up so fast! No more little bubbas here again, & I do get a bit teary thinking about that, already...!

    Hooray for happy mail though - there is nothing at all wrong with finding solace in such goodies.

  9. Hooray for parcels of joy in the mail that have the ability to distract us from the ticking of our biological clock.
    Not shallow, just honest and something I am still coming to grips with :)

  10. I know just what you mean. Handing Maya over to school each morning is still hard to do. My husbands been the one cuddling babies but he doesn't want any more

    Voile is the soft cottony one :)

  11. I never got the ache in my shoulder with my own but ALWAYS with other people's. Mine were like baby koalas...holding themselves so I was really just a support.

    I used to feel I wanted more...but once the littlest was at school I was certain 3 was enough for me.

  12. I'm trying to work myself up to moving 'the baby' out of her once cot/now toddler bed. Her toes touch one end and her head the other, I guess that means it's time...
    I TOTALLY get this post Kate.

  13. Ok well ponder this for me please: my son is 3, we have been trying to have another one but no luck yet. Recently he moved into a big bed, toilet trained and stopped using his high chair. Our house is almost completely back to 'normal' apart from the huge piles of toys in the lounge.

    I hate to admit it but I'm enjoying it. I love borrowing babies but I also love giving them back and sleeping in my own bed for the whole night.

    Will I want to go back????

  14. We're having no more either!
    (were lucky to get our two apparently) They grow up so quick tho don't they?

    Parcels in the post are the best!XX

  15. I've had my last baby too. At times I'm sad about that.But I have to focus on getting my body back into some sort of state of wellness and fitness, after 11 pregnancies in 12 years. Time for me to make sure my body is healthy and strong to see my children bring home children of their own.
    I always find change hard no matter how good it is for me.

  16. Mmmmm Grape jelly!
    There you go with the jammy speak again. Me no comprende.
    Dont worry too much about not having any more babies, dear Kate. Before you know it and I MEAN before you know it, youll have grandbabies to fill your heart with.
    Mines chockka block and I only yet have the one. I can still smell her and she went home two days ago x

  17. I have two good friends due now, both overdue as I write.... I knwo when I see those babies and hold them it will be hard on so many levels and joyously joyful too.
    Hugs to you Kate. xx

  18. Not shallow at all. It's lovely that you get to borrow babies (and smell them!) and have wonderful friends who send you packaged goodies.

  19. Having lots of babies to cuddle and snuggle always makes both of clucky too but Im afraid my body is past making anymore which makes me sad as I always wanted 3. Now I just sit back and watch my kids grow up too fast, and before I know it I might have grandbabies to keep me happy! Enjoy your fabrics and that gorgeous wool from Kate.

  20. I understand - I would love one more, but I know for so many reasons it won'd happen - it is just hard to come to terms with.
    Glad you like the yarn xx

  21. It's funny, I have had similar feelings today, but coming from a different angle. Today is our 25th wedding anniversary, which is incredibly special, as we love each other probably more than we did back then. However, I remember celebrating Mum and Dad's silver anniversary and am feeling a little sad today that we aren't celebrating with kids of our own. Usually it doesn't bother me, but every now and then some little thing makes me sad that it wasn't to be. However, like you, there is always something positive and exciting to make us get on with living the wonderful lives that we have. Enjoy your new play things. I'm sure you will create something terrific and I'm going home to a scrummy dinner cooked by my gorgeous husband.

  22. I think it is just in our nature, isn't it? At present I have a little baby to hold, feed and smell (why do babies smell so addictive??) but I wonder if, when she grows bigger, am I going to want another? My head says no more though. It's our hearts that are the tricky bit.

  23. Hooray for craft bringing support in emotionally challenging times. That's been the story in my house too, though it's been time spent at the jewellery bench for me. The techniques are always calming and focusing for me in emotionally turbulent times.


  24. Well, as one of those women that Mr Latham feels lacks empathy and has a life devoid of love due to my lack of child rearing, I'm not going to comment on the whole baby thing.

    However I will tell you that the cotton voiles are the red, black/rose and lavendar/rose ones. He he! Have fun! The checks are poly/wool. The red and white is a mystery with spandex. I suspect cotton.And the tweedy blue/cream is wool/linen/spandex and it's my fave!

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  26. not shallow, just able to take pleasure in the small, lovely things...
    bush kinder sounds great - my niece in Switzerland went to one (a "forest kinder" over there!), and I think we could do with more of them...

  27. I had one of those moments today too.
    My two year-olds head still has that special baby smell, I suspect because he is still breastfed. Today when I looked at him jumping around and just being so BIG, I had to cuddle him and that smell got me. Walking to school this afternoon, I thought about the yearning and the clock ticking and the realization that he is most probably definitely our last :(
    Then I knit some WOOLganics ;)

  28. Oh Kate, if you're Bush Kinder is anything like our playgroup... I don't blame you, one bit! I took my two boys along yesterday and I even found it tough... and both kids are mine!
    I'm very excited to see what you make with those materials, always a treat :o)

  29. Getting something in the mail never fails to make me feel better. Looking forward to seeing what you end up making!

    p.s. that's so sweet about your husband making you heart lattes. I'm going to have to tell my husband to up his game :)

  30. I would have another baby tomorrow....but not a 7 yr old ;-)


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