Sunday, October 11, 2009

2 hours to go.

I thought I was clever writing 3-5pm on Jazzy's invitations this year.

It meant more time to get organised on the day of the party.

More time to decorate.

Time for the girls to paint and fill the piniata.

Time to fill the goody bags.

Time to finish the baking.

Time to make the icing.

Time to draw the 'pin the cherry on the cupcake' cupcake.

wrap the 'pass the parcel' parcel,

and for Jazzy to deck the place out in these jeweled ribbons.

But if I have to answer the question 'Mum when is my party starting' one more time I think I might scream.

We have to rush off straight after Jazzy's party to another party, so the 'after' photos are going to have to wait until tomorrow.

Have you entered my giveaway yet?


  1. I dont think it matters what time you put on the party invitation, you always get asked that same question "what time does my party start", and yes it does start to drive you around the bend after the first few times doesnt it, lol! I hope Jazzy has an excellent party which Im sure she will. You have such a lovely view of your dam from your verandah!

  2. I'm writing this at 5pm.
    Party should just be winding down.
    I hope it was fab!
    So many great party ideas.
    Andi :-)

  3. Hope you had a great party - love the jewelled ribbons!

  4. what a fantastic party... I am loving all of the homemade goodness!! Great work.

  5. Hope it went well. I love the printed goodie bags!

  6. i LOVE the picture of the containers stuffed with cupcakes. and i'm so impressed that you made your own pinata.

  7. I adore those decorations - especially the jewelled ribbon. Its the little touches that make a party so special. Wonderful.


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