Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Poinsettia potholder & another party.

I made another pot holder.
Do you think I'm obsessed?

This is one is adapted from the Poinsettia Potholder pattern here.

So many of the potholder patterns I look at comprise of separate parts sewn together at the end but not this one. The flower and leaves are crocheted and then caught into the base as it is made. I really liked this, as sewing in all the ends once the project is completed is more than enough sewing for me.

We had another little party for Miss Pepper after school yesterday.

I made the sprinkle sticks in milk chocolate this time.

The balloons left over from Jazzy's party two weeks ago looked like colourful bunting.

Someone had the best time and even got a birthday kiss from a three year old boy who held both her cheeks as he planted it on her. Of course I washed her face first.


  1. Gorgeous pot holder! And that little birthday face is VERY sweet!

  2. I have to agree too, the pot holder looks fantastic Kate. It even has xmas colors in it too, lol! Love the chocolate sticks, they look so nice. What a cute chocolate smile she has!

  3. I'm loving your pot holders!! Are you selling them?? xox

  4. I think there's a slight obsession going on but it's not necessarily a bad thing is it?

  5. so many gorgeous things happening here, I LOVE the crochet you have been doing, the birthday girl has been having fun love the pink cupcakes and the choclate mouth. I just had to drop by to say I listened to your mum yesterday on my favourite Radio National show and it was so inpsiring listening to her, what an amazing woman. The part about your grandma carrying her handbag but with only a hankie really touched a chord as my nan did the exact same thing when she was ill too

  6. Do I think you're obsessed?
    Happy birthday Jazzy (again)!!

  7. Love the pot holder - its on my list of things to crochet before ... I don't want to do it anymore! However - I can't help but wonder... is there a hole in the back? ;)
    What Radio National show would this interview have taken place on? Life Matters? ... I'm super interested and want to see if I can pod cast. Such a nosey bugger I am!!!

  8. How do you make these pot holders so quickly!!
    Love the chocolatey mouth pic too, definitely going to make those chocolate sticks at our next party.

  9. I'm sorry, Kate, and more than a bit embarrassed. Because I'm the father of the artist, I need to know. But (cringe, cringe) I don't know what a potholder is. I can see you make beautiful potholders - I especially love the poinsettia ones - but what, pray tell, does one use them for? Is it for grasping hot pothandles, or something else? xxx

  10. (Don't worry, Farmdoc, I had to ask what they were too.)

    Here's to many more potholders and many, many more birthdays. xx

  11. Loving that poinsettia pot holder
    You too have a brill weekend xx


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