Friday, October 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Jazzy!

Happy Birthday to my beautiful six year old.

This morning we all lay in bed and told the stories of your birth and talked about who you are. Your favourite part is always the bit when Indi came to visit you in hospital and we gave you your first bath in a huge Tupperware container. You love the bit about her slopping the big washer on your little newborn face. You swear you remember it happening.

After breakfast we decorated some chocolate bikkies for you to share with your class, in pretty pink of course.

Cooking, dancing, fairies, friends, pink and pretty, these are a few of your favourite things.

You opened your presents and your favourite was a bag filled with craft odds and ends; ribbons, lace, buttons, zips, elastic, sticky tape, pens..... You quickly took it all to the making table and started making.

All the way to school we sang Happy Birthday to you and you sang the loudest.

After school you'll have a play with some friends and have pancakes for dinner (your request).

I am always amazed at how perfect it is that you chose to be born right in the middle of spring so your birthday is at the height of blossom season.

Tomorrow we'll spend the day cooking and decorating and then on Sunday we'll have your cupcake party.

Happy Birthday to my beautiful six year old. I wish for you all the good things in the world and a little bit more.


  1. Oh, amen!!! Happy, happy birthday, Jazzy bear, our lovely spring blossom. What a beautiful birthday blog your mother has written for you. It made me cry. Lots of love and kisses to you and your sisters and your wonderful mum and dad.xxxx

  2. Happy Birthday Miss Jazzy! It must be wonderful to be turning 6, and having lots of family and friends celebrate with you too. I love those biscuits, they look so delicious with the pink icing and sprinkles! Have a fantastic day on Sunday too.

  3. A big Happy Birthday to your little birthday blossom! Hope she has a special day and you do too. Love the birth story bit, don't they love to hear these stories? See you soon xo

  4. I love that you have a making table!!!! Yaaay! Go Jazzy!!!Hippo Birdy two ewe!!

  5. Happy Birthday Jazzy!
    That post was just beautiful & a delight to read. It reminded me that birthdays are special & how much we should celebrate the person. I love the simple pleasures you describe, of singing & icing biscuits & pancakes for dinner! I hope she has a wonderful day & a fun party. I'm very jealous.

  6. Here is an email I received on 13.10.03:

    Hi all,
    I'm sitting here with my beautiful baby girl on my lap, listening to her tiny hiccups and watching her wonderful facial expressions.
    She is just divine, an angel, a fairy.
    She is 5 days old now.
    She was born at 2.40 on Thursday 9-10-03 and was 7 pound and perfect.
    Mum and baby are doing really well. They got back home last night and we are getting on with life with 2 kids.. WOW..
    Indi is coping really well and will make a very good bossy sister..
    If you didn't realize from the subject of this email we have named her
    Jarrah is the Aboriginal name for the majestic Eucalyptus marginata, native to western Australia.
    Hoping you are well and as happy us we are..
    All our love
    Bren Kate Indi & Jarrah.

    If Jarrah brought joy back then, now she brings a million times more. To every one who knows her.
    Happy birthday to you, darling Jarrah. xxxxx

  7. What a beautiful post, and wonderful comments that go with it. Thanks for letting us be part of this special day. Happy birthday little lady.

  8. A very Happy 6th Birthday to your little girl ~ I hope she has a very lovely day :O)

  9. A big Happy Birthday to your darling daughter. I hope she has a wonderful day and enjoys her cupcake part on Sunday.

  10. Happy Happy Birthday Jazzy!!
    From your mum's old friend,
    Andi :-)

  11. Sounds like the perfect birthday! Happy Birthday Jazzy. Six is such a wonderful age!

  12. Hip Hip Hooray!!!! Happy birthday little one!!

  13. It sounds just lovely! Have a very happy birthday, Jazzy :-)

  14. I hope Miss Jazzy has had a wonderful day. I love the craft bits and pieces present - that is one of the best ideas I have come across in blogland. Enjoy the cupcake party on Sunday - i hope the day is gorgeous for you all to enjoy. . Peta

  15. sounds like a perfect day for a birthday :-) Happy weekend to you and your Jazzy x

  16. What a lovely post for a Birthday Girl! Happy Birthday then!!
    Annamaria :)

  17. Happy birthday to your beautiful 6-year-old. What a lovely post from her mama.

    My girl's birthday was on October 5th. I got very confused there for a minute when you mentioned that it is spring, and then I remembered that we're on opposite ends of the earth. :)

  18. Six is a beautiful age. I hope your Miss Jazzy has a wonderful party.

  19. What a beautiful post. And Farmdoc, thank you for posting that email. Happy birthday Jazzy Bear! xx


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