Thursday, October 8, 2009

My Creative Space & How To Crochet.

Yesterday my eight year old asked me to teach her how to crochet. Needless to say I was thrilled. But it got me thinking, crochet is something my hands do that my head can't really explain so well in words. I know that sounds weird but it's true. Sometimes if I think too hard about it I can't do it but if I let my hands go they remember the rhythm.

When I learnt to crochet back in May, I Googled each step, looked at the pictures of each step and practised putting my hands and fingers and yarn in the same positions.

When Indi asked me yesterday I sat with her for a while and showed her, but then I also had to take care of the demands of the other members of the family and leave her. Each time I returned she had reverted to finger knitting.

So I printed out these step by step pictures so she could watch my fingers even when I was making dinner or putting the washing away.

STEP ONE: (above)The basic way to hold the hook and yarn.

Step two: Yarn over hook.

STEP THREE: Using the hook pull the top loop through the bottom loop.

STEP FOUR: Pull the bottom loop off the hook.

STEP FIVE: Start again from step one.

She loves it. She says she's already addicted to it.
I'm so happy!

This afternoon I'll be crocheting this blue Bebop cardi and she might graduate to double crochet.

Yesterday her how to make a softie was featured on whipup as well as One Pretty Thing.

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  1. How wonderful, teaching your young one to crochet! that's how I learned, with my mum and oma. It's a memory that she, like I, will have forever!

  2. Ohhh it will be pretty in the blue too!!

  3. I hear ya!!! I tried to teach a friend and hubby..I am a lefty so it's already a challenge lol..Not sure how well I did with the friend cause she moved and the hubby is just not really interested...Oh wells...Oh and the poncho tute is almost done..Again having that same problem of getting it down in writing and being happy with it :) You did a great job BTW..

  4. I can't crochet at all and so I'm impressed you learnt by googling! And how cool to teach your daughter. :)

    Happy Blogtoberfest!

  5. Hey! I could do that!!
    Noooo ... already too many craft projects on my plate. Must ..... resist .... crochet .... temptation.
    Go Indi :-)

  6. You have really hit the nail on the head in regards to teaching. I think we seriously underestimate how difficult it is because you have to put yourself in the position of knowing nothing about something you are good at. It's very hard to do!!

    I taught my 11 yo daughter to crochet a couple of months back and she got the hang of it very quickly. I was hoping she'd help me with my rug but she's not showing any interest. I've suggested that we make one for her when I've finished and she's seems keen. Will have to wait and see.

    Funnily enough I am holding a 'how-to crochet' session for 4 colleagues tomorrow at lunchtime. They are all very excited! I'm looking forward and might have to borrow your photo tut to assist them!

  7. This is so wonderful!!! My 12-year-old has been asking me to teach her, but as I've only just learnt myself and am totally unconfident with it all, this will be fabulous! Thank you :) K

  8. Excellent excellent excellent!!!
    I am hanging out here for the pics of the double crochet.
    Indi & I seem to be travelling the same learning curve ;)

  9. Clever Indi. My 8 year old hasn't yet been successful but the 12 year old is going great guns.

  10. How fantastic for her, her own little tutorial on crocheting. I tried it last week and ended up ripping it out. Maybe I need to practice each stitch for a panel so I get the idea of what each stitch contains. My mum and aunt both crochet too and love it.

  11. You've reminde me to get MY mum to teach ME how to crochet (again lol) while she's down... hurrah!

  12. Are you brining your crafty skills into town tonight?

  13. Great idea Kate. Not sure L is up for crochet yet but is keen to knit. Maybe a similar knitting tute would be good. I found it hard to show her where to put her hands etc. Love that owl xo

  14. this is really sweet. i tried to teach my four year old son, he really wants to learn, but i think he's way to young!!
    your cardi in the previous post is gorgeous :)

  15. You know I need to learn to crochet and at the rate Moo is learning craft she will be teaching me hehe... I might have to book mark your how to... Yes I think I will!!

    xo Steph

  16. It IS really hard to explain! I learnt from a friend showing me what to do and then watching me make granny squares, correcting me when I did the wrong thing. I think she has more patience than me - I've tried teaching others a couple of times and just seem to get exasperated! I'd like to teach my daughter when she's old enough so I need to get some patient teacher practice!!

  17. IKWYM (not with crochet though!) - have you seriously only just learnt to crochet this year?!!!
    Right, that's it! I'm going to learn. I'm setting a date. I'm going to learn by the end of the year (no doubt over the Christmas holidays LOL).
    But now I must go clean...

  18. Love your photos. I am not a very good crocheter, so its always great to see the process in full living colour. :)

    Congratulations on being featured on Whipup and One Pretty Thing!

  19. That's so sweet. You did well to learn to crochet off the net. I tried earlier in the year and gave up in the end


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