Sunday, October 25, 2009

My place and yours - Bedside.

A few years ago when we went from sleeping on a mattress on the floor to a proper bed with a frame, Bren dragged these drawers out of the bottom shed where the last owner had left them. He gave them a wash with the high pressure hose and they've done the job as our bedside tables ever since.

I am a terrible sleeper. My technique to deal with this is to go to bed as late as possible, when I am absolutely exhausted and hopefully go straight to sleep.

I have a pile of books on my bed side table that I read bits of depending on my mood but more often than not I don't want to wake Bren with the shuffling of pages.

My dream/idea diary is right down the bottom because I realised a while back that I am way too lazy to write all that stuff down in the middle of the night and I am too busy being jumped on, cuddled and dragged out of bed in the morning.

In the top photo you can see a crochet project I started yesterday at market and managed a few stitches of last night before the light was turned off.

At the back of the pile of books is some of my collection of handmade books and cards.

I was thinking of styling up my bedside a bit for the photo, picking some flowers or a tablecloth. But they would just get tipped over or pulled out in the rush to have a cuddle or a jump on the bed.

Thanks heaps to Pottymouthmama for the theme. Check out lots more bedsides over at Pip's.


  1. I love my collection of handmade cards and drawings from the kiddies, I often come into the bedroom to find a new masterpiece draped over the AWA clock radio. Your space roks.

  2. Those handmade books are so beautiful. What great things to keep beside you. I also love how you go to sleep with a bit of crochet. A woman after my own heart but I think you know that already.

    I noticed the lakehouse cookbook too. Do you cook much from it? I've never been to the lakehouse but it's in my plans one day. Allan Tasker used to teach me ceramics when I was at highschool. He was a great teacher, just let us make and do whatever we wanted.

  3. We have some old drawers as our bedside tables too, and hopefully one day we will have some nice new ones but the old ones do their job. We have had them for nearly as long as Lachie now. You must read a lot at night, I try to read a few pages before going to sleep but Paul is usually in bed before me so I dont like keeping on the light and waking him up. I really like your daughter's handmade books too, beautiful drawings.

  4. we don't have any drawers at the moment, our bedroom is the last of our renovation adventure. i love your handmade treasures and I know what you mean about waiting till you are completely exhausted to go to bed!
    that's why I do alot of late night baking and blog surfing ♥

  5. Helloooo. Let me know if you decide not to keep the bedside table of yours. How splendid in all its wooden rustickness! I like it alot! :D

  6. I'm in love with the bedside table too. Simple design with beautiful wooden swirls - a magical blend.
    Love the enviro. globe in the bedside lamp too. You already know that I'm in love with all your crochet & I can only imagine who proud you must feel going to bed seeing the book published by your mother. That is something very special.
    As your those delightful books made by your daughters - that is something out of this world. Glad that you have some pics of them online in the event that "life" happens to them.

  7. The table is beautiufl. I too love the rusticness of it.
    Your new crochet project looks like another beautiful thing of yours.
    I'm a terrible sleeper too, and my I deal with it like you , but it never seems to work!

  8. Just how I would imagine your bedside - things to read, make and enjoy & love. And Indi's right, you rok! xo

  9. I love the table of yours.And the handmade books and cards are adorable!The crochet project looks pretty already!

  10. i love your old drawers..i just love the look of natural timber as opposed to painted..and i also love your sweet little crochet project, what could it be?

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