Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Patty's Flower Pot Holder.

Yesterday I was at play group at a local cafe when my phone rang. I recognised the caller's name immediately as the author of a blog I read. We have never met but we often leave comments on each others blogs.

We chatted for a bit and then made plans to meet up later in the week.

When I got home it occurred to me how interesting our conversation had been. Although we are in effect strangers we skipped over the whole get to know you phase and got straight into the nitty gritty. We chatted so easily, like old friends, although I'm sure if we walked past each other in the street we wouldn't know one another.

I have only been a blogger for close to five months and posted 65 posts (on this blog), but I am totally overwhelmed by the community, the encouragement and the inspiration I encounter daily. Thanks so much you guys!

My sister Meg, who teaches a blogging class at Neighbourhood house, tried to convince me to start this blog for years but I didn't get why. Now I can't imagine life without it. Thanks Meg.

I made Patty's Flower pot holder the other day from some of the cotton I bought last Friday at the Bendigo Woollen Mills.

Usually I ignore the part of the pattern for making the back but as this one was a bit lacy I decided to have a go.

I even remembered to crochet it a hook.

There are three days left until I draw my giveaway, have you entered yet?

Does anyone know how to find one of those random number generator things to draw the winner?


  1. You are right, this is one of the best things about having a blog. When you meet someone there is a kind of understanding and trust, and you don't need to bother with small talk! You can get straight to the nitty gritty of vintage storybooks or crochet blankets or starting a craft business or chooks or whatever you have in common!

  2. Hi Kate, How lovely to make a bloggy connection like that. Sounds fabulous.
    Also try

  3. Love the colours of the Patty.
    Blogging is great for connecting with like minded people. My friends arent really into crafting, so I get my fix on line.Your blog is great and Im glad you started. Cheers Leah

  4. I dont have many crafty friends, although my sister and my mum do craft, so it is always nice to find bloggy friends like you Kate. I think by reading each other's thoughts you do feel as though you know that person too which helps when you first meet. I had a friend who I met when I first started my blog and we used to catch up and visit each other, and do little trips and such to craft shows, but now she lives in England so it is a bit far away although we still keep in touch with each other. I love your pot holder - very pretty lace. Isnt the cotton nice to use.

  5. It is amazing isn't it - to find so many likeminded people out there whom you have never actually met, but feel like you have known forever.
    Like Leah, none of my IRL friends share my passion for (or is it addiction to?) craft and so it makes me feel 'normal' to find others out there who love to create things and enjoy their familiy life and kids.
    And I am with Kellie try this link

  6. I could not agree more! I recently had a phone conversation with one of my bloggy mates and at first the mere thought of actually *speaking* to her freaked me out but then, once we started chatting it was like we were old mates! And the best part was we were swearing left right and centre which, you know, I guess is best avoided on the blog!

    Oh and I just bought my firs crochet hook the other day so am now looking at every crochet item with new interest! Just need to finish some WIP's first!

    Enjoy your catch up!

  7. It's weird when you meet someone from blogland because you feel like you already know them. We all laugh about how we met by internet dating!
    I use too.

  8. it is great isn't it to find such great connections with people you have only met in blogland!
    very glad you started your blog, great to visit your place each day ♥

  9. Funny, a similar thing happened to me this week. Thats weird.

    I'm one of the rare bloke bloggers, I don't craft, make or bake. I just like stalking people online, and thanks to blogs I can, and it's like socially accepted.

    I tell ya, it's much better than the old days, I use mush less petrol and if I'm stalking late at night I can do it from the comfort of my own home. No more stake-outs in the cold car.

    PS. Thats me attempting humor. Don't panic.

  10. Oh yes! I feel the same way. I had put starting a blog off for so long too but now, like you, I couldn't live without it.

    I also don't have any friends that craft much so it's provided me with much needed like-mindedness and community.

    And you never know, I might visit Daylesford one day soon...

  11. PS: Love the pot holder. Can see why you attempted the lacy-ness. Good move! it looks great.

  12. Okay, Kate, here's the cookbook version of how to select a random number:
    1. Go to here.
    2. Leave the 'Smallest value' at 1.
    3. As the 'Largest value', enter the number of entries you get.
    4. Click on 'Get sequence'.
    5. The first number in the series that comes up, is the number of the winner. For example if the number 4 is the first number, then the fourth entry from the start, wins.
    I hope this is clear. If not, you know how to contact me. xxxxx.

  13. What a wonderful story. Blogging sure is great. Have a great catch up. I love the new potholder. I have ordered some Bendigo cotton, and anxiously await it's arrival!

  14. Isn't blogging so much fun....I never wanted to start one either....who new how much joy it would bring!!!

  15. Hows your dad....he's got it sussed!!! Hilarious!

  16. Sure thing, Leonie. Dad's are good for some things. And Kate's dad did lecture on Statistics to university students. Though it was in the last century.

  17. I still cant believe how much blogging has opened up my mind and my world!! I cant believe you have only been blogging for 5 you totally rock it!!

  18. Hey Farm Doc, I've been-a-watching you for a while now and I am sure you are good for more than just Stats!! Have a great Night x

  19. Sorry Ross and Leonie, I don't mean to interrupt your chat!!
    But yeah Kate, I love the community I have found via blogging. New friends both actual and virtual.
    Glad we have reconnected too.
    Andi :-)

  20. With some, we just click like we've known them's a nice feeling. These pot holders are just divine!

  21. 100% agreed. I am learning loads and am totally enjoying the process. Your crochet is lovely - All that wonderful yarn. Peta

  22. Kate, you are a natural born blogger. Not that you need me to tell you that.

    Sometimes when I meet people in 'real' life, I get frustrated that I have to get to know them slowly. Virtual relationships happen so fast, which suits my impatient personality.


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