Friday, October 30, 2009

Crochet, magazines & buns oh my.

I thought I might give up the crochet habit when the weather warmed up but it doesn't look likely. A few rounds of a pot holder while supervising some late afternoon outdoor play-safe, portable and productive, it doesn't really get any better than that.

Have you checkout out this little magazine? You should its just gorgeous. Lots of crafty, environmental and sustainable ideas. And that could be me with our coloured carrots in my pocket. Thanks heaps Allison I love it.

And thanks Andi for this little book tied up with a ribbon. I am so close to leaving the pot holders and heading over to the tea cosies.

One final picture of the sticky buns the boys will be eating with their tea today. To ice or to leave plain that is the question.


  1. Love your pot-holders Kate. What yarn do you use?

  2. Oh just lovely. I am with you on the giving up crochet for the warmer weather. As if! No point in being in denial - just keep hooking.

    I will have to check out that wee magazine. I love a new mag.

    And yes, the tea cosy. I'm with you Kate, together we can create a teacosy heaven.

    And yes, I am deliberately not mentioning the sticky bun. I don't want to know what I'm missing out on!!

  3. That teacosy pattern book is so fantastic, I just love the cover. What a score! You could be on a real winner there, they are hard to find. Enjoy the buns! xo

  4. The portability of the crochet is a real winner... it can so easily be taken anywhere.
    I've put a hook & a ball of yarn in the glove box of our car. The car is so unreliable there will no doubt be a time soon when I'll be stranded on the side of the road with nothing to do... not anymore!!!
    The tea cosy book looks wonderful. Certainly time for a change me thinks.

  5. Hi Kate you inspired a blog post today ... a blogulation one : ) no blies.
    Have you seen these cute coloured carrots?

  6. You can't give up crochet even if you tried it's in your blood now..Or atleast that is what I have found :P....

    But ummm more importantly, I'll take a huge plate of those sticky buns ASAP..:P

  7. to ice of course! they look so tasty, just give me a couple of hours, I'll hop on a plane and head on down!

  8. Now those tea cozies look delightful Kate. I really like the blue and white one. I knit through summer, especially when the air con is on or the nights have cooled down, helps me to relax after a hot stuffy day. We have been having lots of humidity today and more rain to come. Those sticky buns look so good, and icing is always an extra sweetness isnt it.

  9. Oh, I want to see a knitted tea cosy and I want to see it now- said in my most Veruca Salt voice. I love tea cosies, which is slightly odd because I don't even have a tea pot that I love!

  10. Definietly to ice.... Now about that yarn you are looks lovely, is that more from the Bendigo wool mill? Peta


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