Saturday, October 3, 2009

Hook holders.

A few nights ago I made up the Petite Fleur Vase out of uncommon crochet by Julie Armstrong Holetz.

As soon as I finished it I undid it and started again. It was a great shape but at about eight centimetres tall it was a bit too petite for me.

The next night I made it again following the same sort of shape but changing the pattern to make mine bigger and a bit more useful.

I am really happy with it now. It stands up by itself and can easily hold a handful of pens or crochet hooks.

Last night at a bushfire forum I crocheted this Lace Vase.

Before the forum began a lovely middle aged woman sat down next to me and asked me what I was making. I went into a bit of detail showing her the picture and talking about the pattern. Little did I know at that time that she was to be the key note speaker for the night Joan Webster.

I am pleased with the shape and size of this vase but I will need to have another go in a sturdier yarn as it falls over with anything heavier than a crochet hook in it. Alternatively I might investigate some type of fabric stiffener.

I hope you are having a lovely creative weekend where ever you are.


  1. Ooo! They are gorgeous! I have been thinking about investigating fabric stiffeners. There's a couple out there and one that sells on ebay but I haven't taken the plunge yet. If you get some let me know how you go. I'd love know

  2. They're so sweet!
    I can recommend Craft Smart Fabric Stiffener although it smells a lot like watered down pva glue to me.

  3. great vases! hope you had a good day. a wonderful customer I know from the market came up and said that she found my blog via a link on your blog. it's sooo funny because I've known her as a customer for a few years. small, small world, LOVE it ♥

  4. I love them both Kate, very functional. It seems you are on a crochet roll these days! I tried to crochet a bag kit the other night, but after 3 attempts of it not looking right I ripped it out. I may have to try again tonight with my crochet stitch book in front of me so I can see what I am supposed to do properly.

  5. They look excellant! Maybe you could make another to store your crochet hooks in?

  6. Kate you are just super cleverly talented at these things I love the vase, might have to check out this book I think.

  7. ooooh these are soooo gorgeous and adorable!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the cupcake invites too very special

  8. I've never had a go at crochet.
    I love the look and texture of the pink one.

  9. oooh, you'll have to bring them to cavog... Annie will die to see them !!!

  10. I just adore the way, some crocheted/knitted goodness warms up a room - like in that last shot (which I'm taking as signoff to cloth the house in knitwear).

  11. These kinda remind me of dilly bags.
    I'm diggin' your kids screen print work. Like totally rad

  12. The crochet inspiration is overwhelming here... I am all fired up and motivated to extend my skills beyond the basic chain stitch :)
    I'll be coming back for more inspiration tomorrow ...


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