Thursday, October 22, 2009

My Creative Space.

My creative space this week is full of lists.
Is it still creative if it comes from a list?

With spring in the air my hands look like this a lot of the time which is not so great for crochet and means I mainly crochet at night.

And we're having some allergy issues which take up a lot of my time.

So the lists are there to make me make some sense of my time and make me commit to crossing some things off them.

This is my creative list for this week.
  1. Two pot holder commissions.
  2. Two flower brooch commissions.
  3. Some sort of present for Miss Pepper's birthday on Saturday!!
  4. Crochet bowls, baskets, hair clips and washers for the Dear Prudence shop opening in Ballarat sometime very soon.
  5. The Daylesford Makers' Market. If I am to have a stall, I really have to start thinking about some stock.
This is my creative list, I also have the 'preparing for bushfire' list, the 'things to do for the girls' list, the 'house' list, the 'spring on the farm' list and the 'farm shop' list and the 'me and Bren - financial and personal' list.

Phew, I'd better stop writing about it and start doing it.

There's a long list of creative spaces here.

There are two days until I draw the winner of my giveaway. Have you entered yet?


  1. I know I have said it before but I just love those bowls
    and the vases, why do I love them so much I wonder, They totally take me somewhere, I am not sure where
    but they are just beautiful,
    they have the fluidity of a drawing.

  2. I need lists so I really get this post. In fact I think I need to go and right one, or two, or three right now! Don't forget to rememeber too that there is a long list of people loving you & your blog! I loved reading all the comments from yesterdays post, what a great community of bloggy friends you are part of xo ps am I on that pot holder commission list?

  3. Oh you do sound so busy! I can realte and muct get onto some lists of my own. *sigh* ...And my hands look quite like yours most days too.... I'm loving your crocheted bowls and baskets. Just gorgeous!

  4. You'll rock it!!! I hope you figure out the allergy issue and quick...Loving your colors :)

  5. LOVING your pot holders so much! Commiserations on the allergy front - that's a real pain. Good luck with sorting it all out! I still haven't got back to my crochet - I love your crochet jugs :) K

  6. Love those dirty hands! I wish my girl got her hands dirty in our veggie patch

  7. Lists are so underated. I couldn't live without them.
    Are you going to felt the crocheted bowls and vases?

  8. wow what texture and color ~ filled with creativity

  9. Eeeeek....I am a list queen as well!!!! Good luck with all that is going on.....How are you sleeping? ;)

  10. Lists are always fantastic, and of you of course should include them as being creative because you do have to think what to put on them. You are one busy lady and Iam sure you will be even busier once xmas time comes around. I feel like Im running out of time to get my xmas shopping done as it just sort of sneaks up on you. Good luck too with finishing all the commission work.

  11. I love all your crochet!! Your bowls, vases, and those potholders look soooooooooo beautiful!! Sound like there is a lot to do over there, hope you can get some time somewhere to have a moment for yourself.

  12. agghhh don't lists sometimes make lists!
    allergies are the pits, hope u figure them out.
    loving your crochet work ~ am so close to starting a pot holder!
    good luck getting through it all :)

  13. I totally understand the need for lists - I would be completely lost without them. Although I think you may be needing a list for your lists. I note that you have put yourself last on this one....Please make sure you do got to it (eventually). You are one busy woman. Peta

  14. Lists are very useful creative tools especially if it means you get to unclutter your head by writing things down on paper. Means there's more room in your brain for creativity! Maybe I should write a few lists. Hmmm.

    Hopefully the allergy list is short.

  15. I have to say, I couldn't cope with those hands all day. I'm too much of a princess!!
    Those bowls and vases at the end are so lovely!!
    Andi :-)

  16. Wow. Lot's of lists alright! This time of year the busy-ness starts to build and before you know it you're swallowed up by christmas.

    Love the musty pink cotton. One of my favourite colours. Is it going to be another addition to the pot holder collection?

  17. O wow - you have a lot going on at the moment!
    Great to be outside working in the garden (or in your case farm?) - I rather like dirty hands from gardening - there is something beautiful and well... earthy .. about it.
    Loving your crochet as always - you're an inspiration to me. Thanks!

  18. Wow! Don't forget to eat and sleep! Good luck with it all. Love the bowls! xox

  19. Oooh after that I'm feeling a whole lotta lists coming on! Of course lists are creative, essential to most creative spaces I'm sure.
    And it's been said, but those crochet vessels, oh my, I'm in love Kate!

  20. huge fan of lists but i forget where i put them. love your bowls and vases. clever

  21. Damn, I love your crocheted bowls & vases! You're so clever!

  22. I write list, only never to take them with me or look at them when I most need them. No a good idea.
    Phew im tired just reading your post. Good luck with it all

  23. Yep - it's still creative if you have a list! Especially you - talent plus! Your creations are brill. Allergy testing is no fun - bummer - hope it gets sorted soon.

  24. Hi Kate..i was thinking your vases would loook nice in black. like shadows. and do everything i should be cooking for your hardworking farmboy, and making lists, and folding piles.....i'm b.a.d. lol...
    x manda

  25. I thought I had a long list... it's nothing compared to yours!
    Hope you can get the allergy problems sorted out.

  26. I'm exhausted looking at your list - I don't even want to think about mine!
    I hope you find some answers re your allergy problems.

    I also wanted to ask if you would if I post your bliss balls recipe on my blog (with a link to you)? We're gluten and dairy free due to my 2 littlest having allergies, and these are great little treats for us that I'd love to share with others.

  27. Oops - sorry. That last part of the comment was meant for Lauren (of Owlet). I got my owls and foxes mixed up when I had multiple windows open, LOL.
    You must try her bliss balls!

  28. Kate, maybe you could crochet some garden gloves to protect your lovely hands! As for lists, they are wonderful, ticking stuff off, even better!

  29. If that crochet is the end product of a list item, then keep on writing I say!

    Good luck with the skin prick testing. It looks very itchy you poor thing!

  30. I adore those crocheted bowls of yours.
    I hope you find a way to sooth those allergies! And really I love the list making, nothing like a few extensive lists to keep one organised,of course sometimes I spend more time making lists than actually doing what's in them! LOL!

  31. Hey Foxy Lady,
    If these comments are anything to go by, I have a good feeling your bowls and other loveliness will be making people very happy when they see them at Dear Prudence! Can't wait. Yay for dirt under the fingernails, its the best feeling to be out there in the garden-its my therapy!

  32. It never ceases to amaze me, the clever things that you crafty gals can crochet. Wonderful.

  33. Ugh, allergy issues? are they yours or the small ones? I had those tests - no fun!
    But what a lovely lot of lists. if i didn't have lists i would never remember anything!


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