Monday, October 26, 2009

Miss Pepper's party.

Last Saturday after the market we met some family and a few friends at a school playground down the road from Bren's parents' house. Pepper knew it was her birthday because people had been singing and giving her presents all day. I think she got the whole party thing having been a part of Jazzy's party a couple of weeks before.

When a five year old boy complained about the pink cupcakes and refused to eat one he was easily convinced that the sprinkle sticks were footy sticks, even goal posts.

At one stage after watching the big kids have running races around the track Pepper took off and ran the whole circuit to the sounds of all of us chanting "Go Pepper go..."

Into the loving arms of her Great Grandfather.

We packed up, drove the hour and a half home and as I was carrying a very tired two year old into the house and talking about her day she said "no more Happy Birthday Mummy."

One party down and one more to go on Tuesday after school with some little friends from here.


  1. Oh that looks like a very happy little party.

  2. awwwwww!!!! love the tutu & boots ♥

  3. A tutu and blundstones - too cute! Happy Birthday to your little Pepper - hope she has a wonderful year!

  4. Happy Birthday Pepper! She is just gorgeous Kate in her little tutu and boots. It sounds as though she had a wonderful day!

  5. That looks like the ideal party. Perfect. I love the cupcakes. But even better are the tutu and boots!

  6. Wow, how cute are those little Shirley Temple legs?? And how lucky she is to have a great grandfather to cuddle. Sounds like a lovely day & I love her comment as you got home. Funny xo

  7. how cute is her tutu! Good to see you all had a good day.

  8. I'm-a-loving that tutu!! Did you make it? Happy birthday little one...may all your dreams come true x

  9. Love the tutu and boots too. Your gorgeous photos crack me up.

  10. What a great birthday..She is just too cute!!!!!

  11. Looks like a great day Kate - and I adore the outfit - boots with a tutu is perfect, practical and pretty.
    Happy birthday to your little Pepper for Saturday.

  12. It looks like she had a wonderful day. I love those pink cupcakes and sprinkle sticks and Peppers pink tutu is fantastic too :O)

  13. Such a cute little party.
    Gotta love the tutu / work boot combo!!!
    Also, I received my bundle today via Dan via your mum!
    I love everything in it.
    Ella is already wearing her t-shirt.
    Jake won't get out of his school uniform but he looked at the owl shirt and grunted appropriately. (When did my 5 year old become a teenager?)
    I am wearing the beautiful flower brooch - my favourite colours.
    The book is by the bed waiting for me and the bag is also so cute.
    When I get a chance, I'll blog about it but I just wanted to let you know how much I love it all.
    Also, I have popped a very little something in at the post office for you today so you should get it in the next day or 2.
    Andi x

  14. Sounds just beautiful. love the final pic. Gotta love those legs and the tu-tu!

  15. How lucky to have a great grandfather to share a wonderful birthday celebration with. I remember some of my favourite birthdays were spent with the great grandparents singing around their pianola in the "good" front room. I hope Pepper will have wonderful memories too.

  16. Hello - greetings from France! I've loved having a browse through your blog. Your comment about the distribution of labour on the farm ran a lot of bells - my parents in law are farmers (now mainly retired) and agreed years ago that night time duties for children would be covered by Jennifer, while the nightly animal duties would be covered by Dick. For many years, this worked out evenly, but recently, Jennifer's been reaping the benifits of that deal!

    Looking forward to reading your about your life..


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