Friday, February 11, 2011

Some answers.

Happy Friday my friends!

I thought I'd round off my week and bring in the weekend with some answers to last Tuesday's wonderings.

Yesterday I suggested to Miss Pepper that she be the mum in a game of Mums and Dads. She was happy enough with the suggestion. So we started to play. Soon enough I realised that she had put on such a posh accent and every second word was daaarling or sweeeetie. This sent me on another spiral of wondering. Do I really sound like that? Do any of the mums she knows sound like that? Where is that coming from?

Farmer Bren's memorable food experience was something about a paddock to plate experience. About the joys of killing an animal he had raised and then cooking it (outside!) and feeding it to his kids. Eeeewwwww!!!

The lice? Well I've combed and combed but something tells me we ain't seen the end of them.

Apparently the masses of dragon flies flying around at the moment have everything to do with all the rain over the summer. That may be the case but I wonder what it means when a gazillion bees swarm and then land all together on the wisteria vine outside the carport? They smell like honey en masse like that too. Amazing.

I have never, not ever, gone back to sleep in the day since I've been a mother. Its just not in me to do so. There's just too much to do.

Our family's loved one is fine after his tests. We got the best results we could have hoped for. THANK YOU for your kind words and concern.

The silencer for the magimix? Who cares. What I really need is a silencer for my sewing machine. After sewing all that twill tape my head feels like it is going to explode. I think I need to invest in some noise canceling headphones so I can listen to that Never Not Knitting lady in peace.

The jury is out on the whole wholesome vs cool thing. I guess it depends on the crowd you hang out with.

Ten years olds are pretty sure they know everything but at least she came to me for advice on what to wear to casual day today. Maybe I am still cool in her eyes.

We bought five litres of the colour formerly known as Brittany to paint the inside of the caravan the other day. The next step is to rename it something spacious sounding and calm and soothing.

Halving a baking recipe seems to work for me most of the time as long as I am concentrating on the task at hand and not being distracted by plaits in the mixture or grubby hands trying to help me.

Meringues...piped vs spooned? Neither in this wet and humid weather. BUM!!!

So that's it folks, some answers and few more wonderings.

Its been a full on week this week at Foxs Lane. A lot of playing with Miss Pepper, a lot of preparing for market and not a lot of me time. I had huge expectations for the first week back at school. I was going to get so much done. Oh well, that'll just have to happen next week.

I wonder if you have found the answers to any of your questions this week?

I hope we all have a wonderful and happy weekend.

See ya. X


  1. wow..busy busy busy...We have suffered the lice thing in my house recently. It is all in the comb and stamina I think..comb comb comb for days and days!

    I just love the girls dresses!


  2. Covering all the important areas and more Kate. As always. That Pepper has the cutest hair ever, but my heart sinks at the thought of nit-combing it...

  3. Kate I will see my sister tonight and ask her for the mix for lice. It worked well when Isabelle was in kinder and she didnt get them back again that year. I know it has lavender oil in it but will have to ask her the rest of the formula! I havent gotten much achieved this week either in my craft but hopefully tonight I can sit down and relax with my knitting. Glad to hear the tests came back with good news. I think a few people have had swarms of bees around blogland and one of them called a bee keeper to come and get their big swarm! Hope your market goes well!

  4. RPAH recommends covering their hair in vaseline for a few hours to suffocate the lice (haven't tried it yet though - was just about to when we seem to have FINALLY got rid of them!!)

    Your week sure does sound full-on!! But so glad you found a happy moment with your 10y.o. :-)

  5. What a week!
    I hope you find time for other things next week. And that the lice drop dead!

    So lovely to see Miss Pepper looking cute with little painted finger nails!X

  6. Love your answers. Beware putting vaseline in hair for nits as I use it to move Possum's cradle cap and it takes 6 washes to stop looking greasy after that.

    We do the paddock to plate thing here a lot and love it :)

  7. To avoid the dreaded hair lice in future once you escape their clutches...spray the girls hair with hairspray everyday they go to school. Our health nurse explained the nits/lice don't dig hairsprayed hair!! They much prefer clean shiny hair for a lovely burrow..euggghhh.

  8. Whadaya mean the jury's out??? Wholesome is cool damn it! Way cool.
    Anyway, I'm glad you got some answers.
    My brother had an afro of a gazillion tiny wrinlets... mum used to spend HOURS on de-licing his hair. It was torture for the poor boy.
    My godmother is a nurse & she recommends a conditioner spray. Just dilute conditioner in water. It keeps the hair slippery & the poor suckers can't get a grip. Ha ha. Either that or not washing their hair...
    Here's to some Kate time next week. Have a great weekend.

  9. the hair in that last shot is beautiful - no wonder you don't have time for you with those fabulous plaits - I can see where the time goes!

  10. Kate, as far as I'm concerned the first week of school is blown off.

    The second week is going to be about me tme, oh please let it be!! I hope it is for you too!!!

  11. Busy, busy lady! Sending you lots of nit-coming strength...

  12. Hope you'll have a great weekend as well and best of luck at the market.

  13. I hope you come back with only one of everythng from the market- if you sell out then you wonder - should I have taken more!

  14. When my kids have had nits I always treat it and then every night I comb conditioner through their hair and nit comb it - apparently they don't like the conditioner and it also means you can pick up any that have recently hatched thus breaking the cycle. I think you have to do it for about 7 days......

  15. Hi there,
    I saw a dress like your lovely ones in a kids shop window the other day. Except the different fabric was in the same colourway. The one I saw was all different types of green.

  16. glad you got some answers. i know that lice advice can be endless but i use tea tree oil in the rinse water as a preventative and a light covering of hairspray on tightly pulled back plaits and (touch wood) we have never had an infestation. i am told the hairspray makes it difficult for them to hold on and they just slip off SPLAT

  17. I love your questions and your hope that answers might come. As far as lice go, tea tree shampoo is working well for us. The girls stay lice free as long as we use it. The minute we stop, the combing starts again.

  18. I cant believe you have never gone back to sleep in the day since being a mother Kate!! You truly are awesome!! I love afternoon nana naps :)

  19. I think I can forgo the paddock to plate experience.....but paddock to product now that is a different story! Lice...I use a spray bottle with water in it and add a mixture of tea tree aniseed and neem oil, they hate the aniseed litteraly jump out of the hair when you spray it and I just send the boys to school with wet sprayed for us :-)

  20. Oooh Kate - my girls use darling and sweetie a lot too when playing Mums and dads - and I didn't think I said it much either! (and I still don't!).
    How about renaming Brittany "tranquilty" - seemed to work for the guys in The Castle.

  21. We had the big swarm of bees too, in a tree near our dam, the honey smell was really strong. they were there for 3 days and then left... maybe to your house? No dragonflies today though something must have changed

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