Friday, January 21, 2011

Lacy bits.

Gosh it feels like I haven't been near my sewing machine forever.

I blame the school holidays. There is always someone who needs me for something and it can never wait. Also it is much easier to be part of the action and get my crafty fix with a portable project like knitting than sitting with my back to it all in the sewing room.

But I think I've also been lacking in reason and inspiration to sew too. The girls have enough clothes for now, I have been happy rotating the same five sun dresses as my uniform and all my fabric is folded so neatly on the shelves.

No amazing ideas have been waking me up at night begging to be sewn and I haven't seen anything that I've desperately needed to try to make.

But then today this gorgeous little parcel arrived from lovely Brydie and now I am full, full, full of ideas. That's all it took. Thank you so much Brydie I absolutely adore every last scrap.

I'm seeing frills on the hems of dresses and pants and pockets and hats and collars.

Now I kinda want to push Miss Pepper off my knee and get the other two to make something for dinner so I can get some machine time. Maybe later?

Have you been sewing lately? What's been inspiring you? How have you been getting your crafty fix? Have you got a big weekend planned? Are you making, baking, knotting, knitting?

I hope you have the most wonderful weekend. XX

Oh and don't forget my auction and all the other wonderful things up for grabs for a great cause at Toni's.


  1. I'm finding it hard to get motivated here too, with two girls at home to occupy me there's not much sewing going on here either but lots of baking from the big girl which has meant lots of yummy things to eat. I hope you get to dig into that box of prett lace soon and get back to your sewing room. Have a wonderful weekend. xo

  2. I saw a plain t-shirt that had a bit of sweet broiderie (sp?) sewn around the hem. Simple but so very cute!! x

  3. I share you inability to find time to play with the sewing machine!
    Guilt, it's a funny thing.
    I have a qld flood quilt and a mum size summer dress cut out and waiting patiently.
    Maybe tonight when everyone goes to bed .......

  4. You know what my first thought was...oh that's funny they look like mine...duh! Have fun with them dear Kate :-)

  5. Inspiring me?? Getting my cuties ready to go shopping last week only to realise they have out grown all their handmades.... gotta fix that ASAP!!

  6. That looks like a bundle of fun to be had Kate.
    I'm on the last leg of school hols. When that ends I'll be getting myself a crafty fix quick smart.
    I've been amusing myself in the meantime in the garden and kitchen - that way we can all have fun together.

    btw - your auction is going great guns - congratulations.

  7. sometimes i actually enjoy these times of an empty head - at least in the creative departement ;o) i know that it will be running hot again soon enough and ill be making long lists and working along them sometimes gets a bit tiresome. I just can't sew fast enough! ^^

  8. I have a very guilt free reason to sew - my dear cousin's wedding in four weeks! I'm making her a patchwork quilt on the machine. It's the first one I've ever made and I'm learning a lot. I'm also knitting a short sleeved cardigan, it was supposed to be finished in November. I'm a slower kniter than I thought.

  9. Hi Kate - I see you donated to Toni's auction for the floods. Congratulations your cushion cover is beautiful. I thought I would leave a comment to tell you about the little rally I started
    It is to collect handmade toys to send to the children who lost everything in the floods.
    If you know of anyone who would like to help please pass the site details on.
    Thank you xoxo

  10. Not a lot of anything going on around here. Trying not to worry about it and just live in the moment - time will come again for creativity (it will won't it?).
    I adore that yellow lace - looking very much to see what you do with it. Fantastico!

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