Sunday, January 18, 2015



This is the story of the spoon second from the right made of apple wood.


This is the story of a twilight walk down our big hill, across the paddock, through the forest and out into the oldest apple orchard on the other side.


This is the story of visiting our orchard of brides and lifting up their veils to find the perfect branch.


This is the story of how magnificent everything looks in the golden twilight glow.


This is a story of knives and axes and other sharp tools.


This is the story of watching the one you love do what he loves and how much happiness that brings.


This is a story of letting go and allowing the tree and all it's grains and knots lead the way.


This is the story of taking something and turning it into something else.


This is the story of the walk back up the hill home armed with everything we came for.


This is a story of chipping, and carving, and whittling and cutting.


This is a slow story of making mistakes and learning and creating.


This is the most beautiful story from start to finish that I've seen in such a long time. This story has convinced me that I need  a small flock of sheep so I can be part of that closed circle crafting myself. What a beautiful thing.

I do hope that your story is a lovely fragrant one right now.

Big spoon love



  1. A beautiful story. A beautiful spoon. xxx

  2. I was gifted knives and a book on spoon carving for my birthday this week. It is something that I have wanted to try for ages but sharp knives and axes make me feel a bit scared! Reading this lovely post has reminded me of why I want to do this ancient craft - to be able to take something from my garden and make it into a tool for my kitchen feels a little like magic...
    Thank you for taking us on this journey with you today! :)

  3. Wonderful! Best story I've read this year.

  4. I have gotten into the habit of reading your posts in bed at night. They are usually the last thing I look at online before picking up my book or switching on whatever tv series im addicted to. It's a lovely way to end the day.

    And you are right. This is a beautiful story Kate xx

  5. a story with a happy ending....and the spoons lived happily ever after!! what a talent!

  6. so beautiful. what treasures those lovely spoons are. apple brides. that got me hard.

  7. What a nice conclusion. Yes!

  8. What a truly beautiful story! We're working on our stories right now, trying to convince the one I love to follow his heart instead of his wallet, and unpeeling my story as I go...

  9. What a love story....I just adore those spoons!!

    Jan x

  10. You know what They say - 'a spoon a day keeps the doctor away' (open to interpretation no doubt...) x

  11. How wonderful for Bren to be doing what he loves. The spoons look fantastic too. I hope that one day you do get your sheep!

  12. Oh I want to try to whittle one! :)

  13. This beautiful group 'portrait' of your spoons and your previous post with the spoon pendant reminded me of the symbolism of spoons for anyone with a chronic illness that saps energy - the "Spoon Theory". As someone who needs to carefully manage my 'spoons' (of energy) daily, I think how wonderful it must be to create your own spoons whenever you like. :-)
    The link to The Spoon Theory is here for anyone interested...

  14. thank you for sharing this story with us. your spoons are magnificent.

    Jodiebodie, isn't that spoon theory just the thing for those of us with limited energy for whatever reason. I found it a few y ears ago and have used it to describe some of my days. People seem to get it !~!

    1. Yes, I agree. I am sure it was written about 10 years ago and has done the rounds in various forms. It is an easy metaphor for people to understand. Wishing you abundant spoons Lynda! xx

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  15. Oh Kate. I love your way with words. It's been so nice having you blog every day this month.


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