Friday, January 9, 2015

ninth - (yes Indi you guessed it!)

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I am slowly reading my way through the comments on my last blog and I want to thank you for being so generous with your thoughts and feelings and suggestions. I wasn't sure I wanted to post that blog because late last night when I wrote it I wasn't certain I had gotten everything I wanted to across. But as the comments started coming through I was so happy I did. You guys never fail to amaze me with your words and I'll be taking them all on board.

Another way to rid your day of its busyness, I discovered today, is to let the seven year old take charge.

This afternoon, after we had finished moving our chickens I asked her if she'd like to take a shortcut home. She said she wanted to help the brown chook she was watching find a worm first and then she would lead me. So I waited for a while until she gave up on the worm.

IMG_2811 IMG_2840

Then as soon as we had climbed the chook fence she pulled out some lyrics to a song from her pocket, unfolded them and started to sing. Of course I wasn't allowed to go anywhere and had to wait until she was finished.

Then we picked some berries to eat and she walked me through grass so long our jeans were wet up to our knees.


I think it was at that point that she couldn't quite work out where we were and where we needed to go and let Jo-Jo our dog lead the way. Not long after we started following him Jo-Jo got the scent of some animal and started tracking it through the forest. We followed. Up, down, across and then backwards we went.

At one stage we lost Jo-Jo and she got worried but then quickly got distracted by discovering an old mine shaft and some broken shards of china.

Then she remembered to whistle for Jo-Jo, he came back and we went on.

We followed butterflies, we climbed on fallen trees, we discussed her vomiting sisters and made a plan for dinner. And we wandered.


Only deciding to come home at long last because she was hungry, swinging her bike helmet that she'd found discarded someplace under a tree.

IMG_2851 IMG_2853

A quick handful of peas, then inside to strip off her wet gear and help her Dad roll out the pasta.

Always moving, always chattering and singing but never busy, pretty cool I think.

It's POURING with rain and thundering away here and I can hardly think, I hope this makes sense.

Sooz and Sue, if you are reading this I need your Ravelry usernames so Georgie can send you a copy of her pattern.

And before you go, I'd love it if you would play our dinner-table game and tell me what was your BPOD (best part of your day)? Mine was all of the above.

Lots a love



  1. What a gorgeous, wonderful afternoon with your Miss Pepper. The best part of my day was watching my seven year old decorate his birthday cake with summer berries and then devour it. The two of us are heading off on an overnight hike together tomorrow. I'll be letting him lead the way! x

  2. BPOD - Picking up my daughters from daycare. I love it when they notice I'm there & their faces light up & they drop everything to run at me for a hug... BEST.

  3. What a wonderful set of photos and moments.....I have two favourite parts of the day and the first one was when Sienna (8) and I were making a crepe recipe mix for the first time and she made a comment about the mixture using this fancy word starting with v (and I can't even think of it now because I'd never heard of it). I enquired as to what that mean and she said "think" and I asked her where she heard that word and she said "in science" everyone knows it........I was gobsmacked (cause she said it so matter of factly) and the 2nd one was she had 3 large sticks in the backyard wanting to make a tepee and she wanted me to walk around behind our fence which is out the front gate and past the house and to the main road to collect some more long sticks and we went around there and she threw the sticks over the fence so we didn't have to carry the around. Tomorrow morning she'll be up early finishing the tepee. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane

  4. The best part of my day was: listening to Roman aged 6, sing to Leo aged 3, at bedtime.

    "Go to sleep, go to sleep, go to sle-e-e-ep Leo, go to sleep, go to sleep"

    Then I heard him say "Leo you won't fall asleep if you don't close your eyes, close them tight for a really long time"

    I was *almost* crying! And my husband looked at me like I was an emotional pregnant woman!

  5. I loved reading that so much, so simple and beautiful! My best part of the day was snuggling with my 3 year old boy on the beach while my 5 year old girl was finishing her swimming lessons and got a certificate, she was so thrilled!

  6. Lovely words. I can honestly saying I am thoroughly enjoying your daily posts :) Best part of my day was watching Master 3 (as of yesterday) hugging and kissing our friends 9 month old girl. As both kids are in permanent foster care it was wonderful to see such wonderful affection and tender moments!

  7. I am loving that you are blogging every day kate! I so love your words and photos, they're both beautiful!
    The best part of my day was very VERY lazy! I didn't start work until 1 today so I stayed in bed ALL morning. It was blissful and just exactly what I needed I think. Tomorrow is for chores, this morning was for rest
    Looking forward to your tomorrow post xox

  8. Your blog has quickly become my favorite to read- I don't normally check blogs every day but I am yours because I want to read the beautiful words you've written. Thank you!! It's only 7:12 am here, but the best part of my day so far was saying goodbye to my boyfriend who is presenting research at a conference in San Antonio this week. He's going to have an amazing time! Looking forward to reading what you'll write tomorrow.


  9. I'm wondering - how far are the chicken camps from the house, and don't you struggle with predators? I'm just thinking about the havoc that jackal and rooikat could create here in South Africa :-D

    BPOD - falling asleep, listening to the first full night of soft rain since our move across the country.

  10. A truely magicial journey with your seven year old you describe there. Children know so much better what is important: Living in the moment!

    Take care
    Anne (Crochet Between Worlds)

  11. Una tarde preciosa la que has tenido, espontanea y aventurera , los niños y las niñas son verdaderos maestros en vivir el presente con intensidad .... y la compartes con unas magnificas fotos!!! ¡ Me encanta leerte cada día ! ;))) Gracias.

  12. My BPOD was dinner with friends out side in last night. Candles twinkling away, good food, nice wine, good company. Perfect way to start the weekend. Enjoy yours.

  13. What a lovely day! I feel a bit like that about our 9 month old. He moves and goes and looks and plays from the minute he wakes up. I'm hoping the best park of my day hasn't happened yet (it's only 6am).

  14. Ah kids, through their eyes we can make good decisions - for them, and for us.

  15. My seven year old is delightfully bonkers - I truly hope she never changes tack.

    Our BPOD was contacting school books. This is usually a chore I detest, but she had such fun picking the covers and was so excited to see them go on, I couldn't help but enjoy myself.

  16. Reading your posts lately have really inspired me to get growing a few veg with my girls, nothing too grand, just a few simple pots....maybe one bed? Thank you :) xxx

  17. Lovely photos and story.

    My BPOD is: this might be a bit strange but, I finally cleaned our shower. Quite a bit of mould was multiplying in there and I was feeling like a bad mother. Shower is now clean and all is good in my world again. xo

  18. My BPOD was finally learning how to purl. Love your photos.

  19. Mine was reading the first Harry Potter book to my kids. We are over half way through and even the middle child, who insisted that he wasn't interested, is insisting each day that I read a little more...

  20. Lovely post! Mine was zooming around our court on my bike, with my youngest daughter learning to ride hers. Made me feel like I was 14 instead of nearly 40!!

  21. Hi Kate, for some reason the comments I'm posting aren't appearing so third try tonight! I'm plain old sooz on ravelry. Also in much briefer form since I've los gonfidence this comment will get through - I'm really enjoying hearing about your girls and their music - I'd love to hear more!! Thanks to you and Georgia for the pattern too 😃😃😃

  22. Gorgeous words and pictures xx

  23. BPOD planning, and choosing and buying fabric with my 13 yo to make a gift for a friend.


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