Sunday, January 25, 2015

Twenty fifth


Hello lovelies,

It's 11.41pm here. Indi and Jazzy are dancing with the other guests at my cousin's wedding (I can hear Believe It Or Not I'm Walking On Air), Bren and Pepper are back at the caravan asleep and I've just snuck out for five minutes to take a breath and pop in and say hi to you.

It's been a gorgeous afternoon and night all round celebrating with loved ones, frocking up, getting away from home and getting back into Frankie Blue caravan - it's been so long, but she still feels like home.

I hope you guys have had/are having a wonderful day/night too.
I hope you're crying a bit less than I have been though, I'm such a wedding sook.

Great big love,

Kate xx

ps sorry about that enormous pic. I have no idea why I took a portrait photo this afternoon, I don't love how they look on my blog. But it's what I've got so it'll have to do. Until tomorrow...


  1. Lovely pic Kate! That caravan looks so inviting! BTW, is it not summer by you? The girls look like they're dressed for winter .... 35 here today in South Africa! xxx

  2. You are too hard on yourself. Your pictures are always a thing of beauty, I can pick them in my Insta feed before I even see your name. x

  3. Kate lovely pic. of the girls. Sounds like a fab day.

  4. Your girls are so beautiful Kate. Inner beauty evident in their smiles and radiating from their eyes. x

  5. What a gorgeous photo of your girls in your beautiful home away from home. xo

  6. Really admiring your staying power - Twentyfive days straight of blogging and all of it beautiful and interesting. I agree with previous comments; it's a great picture - don't be hard on yourself. Dx

  7. Beautiful. I'm loving all your January posts xxx

  8. I love your blogs but I am not looking forward to 31 because that will mean that it is February.2015 going by too quickly.Keep the caravan photos coming though,love them.

  9. Such a great day !~! The girls look delighted to be back in the caravan too.


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