Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Twenty eighth





On the twenty eighth day of the new year I cast off my fourth stripy sister sock and darned in the ends.

And I had a pretty crappy day.

Nothing major, I just felt like I had the weight of the entire family resting on my shoulders and I was crumpling underneath. All the needs, all the moods, all the demands, all the expectations and all the hormones, all on me.

Usually I can make my way through days like today and go and make another batch of plum leather - but today I burnt the crap out of it. Of course I did. Generally I know the right thing to say to make everything OK, but today I only made things worse, of course I did.

So I went to bed for a bit. And I watched the wild wind tossing the trees around outside my window and I felt wilder. It howled so I didn't have to. But it felt good to watch and listen and feel.

After a while it died down a bit and I felt calmer. Then I went and got my hair cut and I felt much better. And finally I came home and made lentil bolognese for dinner and my farmer boy made muesli bars and everything was just right.

I'm blaming the wind. And the return of school. Hopefully tomorrow will be kinder.

May the cake you bake slide out of the tin perfectly.

All my love,

Kate xx

PS Sock pattern and yarn details here.


  1. I hear you girl! Some days are just sent to try you, but on the up side who wouldn't be happy with those socks, LOVELY

  2. I generally blame the family, so your approach is much nicer. Love those socks. I can just see myself sitting down to calmly knit myself a cute pair of socks in my dreams. x

  3. Oh Kate...wind upsets my spirit too. As for the return of school, that is completely crushing me on the inside. On the upside your socks are nothing short of spectacular. May your cake slide too xx

  4. Wind makes children crazy, honestly it does!!!! x

  5. I live in a town where the wind howls regularly. It makes me mad as hell & the kids bat shit crazy! I blame the wind all the time for not only messing up our block but for making us all nuts.
    Heres to calm skies & peaceful hearts tomorrow x

  6. Lovely socks. It's really windy here too - with snow, sleet and hail. The wind blew the hail straight into my face. When I lowered my head against it the hail blew down the back of my neck.

  7. So sorry you had that time of anguish but so glad it was a better end to the day. Ahh the weather, we have no control over it and must simply surrender. Wind is the worst, I believe, because you can't see it only the effects. I hope that today is better, your heart lighter and your fruit leathers, leathery. Love from cold, wet and windy Ireland x

  8. This popped up in my feed right after the sock post. hahaha-the exact same colors!

  9. Hope today is better Kate. Teenage hormones are flying around here a bit at the moment too. Yes, boys have them too. Take care mumma xo

  10. Big wind buggers up everything. Little wind makes things sweeter. I hope today brings you a gentle calming wind.

  11. Some days are just like that. Hoping today is better.
    cheers Kate

  12. Such cute fun sock picks Kate! I hope today is better. x

  13. We have so many blood plums this year - thanks for the upside down plum cake recipe, it was delicious. I am keen to try your plum leather, but have two questions. Do you add any sugar? Do you skin them?

    1. I stew the fruit first with enough water so it doesn't stick to the bottom of the pan, only add a tiny amount of sugar if it needs it (sometimes plums can be a bit bitter), sometimes lemon juice, then I pop the stewed plum in the magi mix and blend until it is a puree.

    2. I also freeze masses of plums in halves. My girls LOVE eating them straight out of the freezer and they are a great way to make sure you can bake that cake all year round. x

  14. Sounds like my week. Broken oven and my apricots, wild plums rotting away. Plus being crampy and really needing a break from house duties and family. I think I need to make some happy socks!

  15. Big love to you! I felt a bit cranky yesterday too. I'm sure the wind has something to do with it. But those socks, well those socks are so beautiful and inspiring, the instantly made me feel better. xx

  16. It´s sounds familiar to me ( and to many women, i guess) ! I have that kind of days too.
    I love the socks and in my next life I ´ll learn to knit them!

  17. Some days it all feels too much doesn't it, but it's just a day.....and there's always the hope that tomorrow will be better! :) xxx


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