Thursday, January 29, 2015

Twenty ninth



On the twenty ninth day of our year Miss Indi went back to school, the wind blew an absolute gale, I got an email from a blog friend that made me cry, in a good way, and we built the smalls a cubby-house on the back deck where they spent most of the day.





On the twenty ninth day of the year we did jobs in the garden, we built a small fire in the garden and we made and enjoyed morning tea with my parents - in the garden.


On the twenty ninth day of the year we started making plans for the rest of the year. We spoke of our priorities, about how to separate money from happiness in our definition of success and of where each of our girls are and what they might need from us as time goes by.

On the twenty ninth day of the year the smalls made a giant chatterbox and laughed hysterically as they read us the messages under the flaps, Miss Indi came home smiling from school and although we probably didn't achieve all that much, I blame the wind, we had a really happy day together.

When we came in to make dinner, this little arrangement was waiting upon the kitchen table - just like that.

So how about you, what did you get up to today and how's the wind at your place?

I hope you get the message you've been hoping for.

Love Kate xx


  1. What a wonderful day. The wind here, tonight, in Busselton WA, is INSANE! I looked at my vegie garden tonight, dry and wilty from the heat of today, and decided the wind was too much. I will water in the morning. Your cake looks delish xxx

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  3. We haven't got any wind here today, but yesterday it was like four seasons in one day! I made chilli and lentil soup and baked a loaf of polenta bread and was pleased I didn't have anywhere to go.

  4. Beautiful photos! That morning tea looks divine. xK

  5. Hi Kate, I'm continuing to love these daily posts. Your photos are wonderful and it's lovely to hear your news.
    The wind here is cuts right through you....and it's been snowing a little.
    Jacquie x

  6. Yesterday was so hot in Auckland, NZ, that I didn't really do a lot. Miss B had her first day of high school. I sewed up a new pencil case for her. Took Mr J to a cafe for a smoothie before he starts school, and went for a walk. I have loved your posts everyday.

  7. What a great day! We had a warm mountain wind here a couple days ago - great for drying washing but not so great for throwing the dust around!!! Luckily the rains arrived today...... xxx

  8. Enjoyed sunshine after days of rain - and a quiet house now that school has resumed.

  9. Have you ever read Chocolate by Joanne Harris? You talking of the wind reminded me of it. The main character gets blown in on the wind and is governed by it

  10. I always love your photos and stories Kate.

    A windy day here yesterday. I spent a lot of time cleaning because we had visitors arrive last night. They head off tomorrow and then I'm planning on a very quiet weekend. Hopefully lots of knitting and a bit of time in the garden, maybe some baking. xo

  11. It wasn't so bad today but yesterday's wind was freeze-your-face-off cold! I love your posts- I don't want this January project to end!!

  12. Just look at the light and goodness in those photos! Gorgeous. The wind is ok here today...I am stoking up our wood oven to make pizzas tonight. One last little Friday night celebration before school returns for us next week x

  13. I live by the sea in South West Vic and the wind has been terribly strong!! We went to the beach to let the cobwebs get blown out and I think we succeeded!! No bad weather right? Just the wrong clothing choices :)

    Your photos are so heart warming Kate!!! As you know, I am in love with farmer Brens wooden spoons, I love the idea of the joy he's obviously getting from making them and I'm sure that that love will be in each and every spoon!!

    Warm regards, Jan x

  14. Oh, I like the look of that cubby and that morning tea! x

  15. Today I made your plum cake. Twice. Once for my big girl to take to a blackberry picking party, and the other for us to have in big thick slabs after dinner. It is sooooo good. So very good. It is going in my tatty and stained recipe book as "Kate's Plum Cake" (slotted right in between Lisa's Chicken and Judy's Rice Salad) Thank you.

  16. Our chatterboxes are always very interesting!

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