Sunday, January 4, 2015






Once upon a summer's eve we left the dinner plates on the table and skipped out the front door and down the hill. There was a hint of feeling like the days were flitting past too quickly and an urge to make this one stretch out just a bit longer.




The air was growing cool as the sun was disappearing but there was no wind and we felt free as birds. We picked berries, we watched the kangaroos, we searched for fish in the dam, we threw rocks, we made up silly songs and we blew handfuls of grass seeds into the sky.




And as the swollen full moon rose through the forest we watched in awe and felt ready to say goodbye to this beautiful day and head up the hill home.


I can't wait to see what adventures tomorrow brings.

So how did you spend your fourth day of the new year?

I hope your Sunday was/is a fun day.


PS. Big thanks for all your gorgeous messages on my blog posts these last few days, I'm loving reading through them. I'm trying my hardest to reply to you in the comments but sometimes I run out of time.

PPS. This is my 900th Foxs Lane post, woweeeeeee!!!!


  1. Beautiful as always Kate! I am loving you posting everyday. You always have something wonderful/poignant/inspiring to post. Wow 900 posts! And I have read everyone of them :) Congratulations, an huge milestone xx

  2. It looks utterly magical. Such a beautiful way to finish off the day.

  3. What lovely surroundings you have. You have a good sense of light and shade in your photography.

  4. love reading anything you pop up....and the pics are just to beautiful. Here's to another day that can be savored. xxxx

  5. So nice to see you posting every day. Your pics are brilliant. You capture special moments so perfectly. Happy days! Elaine x

  6. What a gorgeous way to end the day! Sitting here in the frozen north, it is lovely to see a golden summer's evening. Happy New Year!!

  7. How amazing, I can't imagine taking a walk where I casually watch "the kangaroos," how wonderful.

  8. Cuanta belleza en las fotos que nos enseñas, un paisaje precioso ... es bien bien la pálabra LIBERTAD !!! lo que siento que me llega de lo que transmites con tus imagenes y pálabras... Aquí es invierno hizo un dia precioso tuvimos el cielo azul y sol... El sentimiento que impera en mi estos días es RECOGIMIENTO... me invita a recogerme estar en mi hogar y compartir con mis seres queridos lo que surge en cada momento...

  9. Beautiful pictures.....I'm a long time reader, but rarely comment.....I love to read about other peoples's lives that are so different from mine.....

  10. Lovely post. Wonderful pictures.
    We've been away and today we are home, cosy and lazy inside. It's been 0-1 oc today all day and so not appealing for being outside, so we haven't. I've blogged, read posts and checked my favourites on IG, eaten naughties (they need to go now!) of cheese and biscuits for lunch and now I'm going to pick up my Catherine stitch blanket and do some more. I feel nervous, it's been 4 days and I've forgotten that I felt confident about the new stitch, time to try again.

  11. I love this is too short not to be able to leave the chores and just enjoy and 'be'. We are so blessed to be able to enjoy the beauty of nature and the body and soul are so nourished by evenings such as this. I love your blog - looking forward to the next 900 posts. x x

  12. We are also trying to make the most of each day especially as each one is getting just that little longer - we are so ready for spring :)

  13. Congratulations Kate on your 900th post!!!

    I got up early yesterday and did some cleaning up because we had visitors calling in. Then they cancelled. I was annoyed because I could have gone to the beach, but happy because our home was tidier. I had a cool bath to cool down. It was really hot here in the morning. I went grocery shopping, an excuse to be in the air conditioning. I came home, put the groceries away, had an ice cream in a cone and wrote a blog post. Then the storm came and some much welcomed cooler air. I went outside and planted some flower seeds. I roasted some veggies for dinner. It was a good day.

    Love your photos, especially the daisies. xo

  14. beautiful pictures and words.
    Thank you for sharing.
    cheers Kate

  15. Now that sounds wonderful Kate, to have your own forest to wander into at the end of the day and just relax. A bit like camping at home!

  16. Sounds like a perfectly lovely evening. My favorite line - "and we watched the kangaroos". To this girl from the States, that sounds so adventurous and exotic, though I know it is probably just like watching the white tailed deer here.

  17. I get the same way on the long days - they flit past too quickly and soon I'll be back in the long, dark evenings... I have to get out and enjoy them whilst they last. The sun is now setting after 4:30 here in Seattle, woot! By midsummer, it will be light until at least 9:30 pm.

  18. Congratulations on reaching 900! Fabulous pictures!


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