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YOU GUYS!!!!! I just read through all of your ridiculously kind and thoughtful and generous comments and emails and I feel humbled and blessed beyond words. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and thank you once more.

Sometimes blogging feels like the strangest thing, writing a journal is one thing, but seriously, why post it out there in public for the world to see? You guys are the answer. Our community. And I just feel so very grateful to have you and this outlet in my life.

Kisses and cake for all!!

In the meantime, we took a spontaneous trip to the beach. On Tuesday night I was looking at the weather forecast and feeling claustrophobic about the oncoming summer holiday days that would have to be spent inside out of the cold and wet, when I decided we had to get away. Just like that.

We never get to leave our farm over the summer because of the bushfire threats and the irrigation issues, but after all the rains we'd had, we certainly could. So we did!

The very next morning we packed up and drove to the beach. It was exactly what we all needed. Exactly! We spent a few days with family, we played board games, we went to the movies, we looked in the shops, we read our books, and we played at the beach.

The beach!! We got sandy, almost blown away, wet and salty. We felt alive and exhilarated.

And wouldn't you know it, just when we drove onto the ferry to come home, the sun came out. It was time.

When was the last time you took a little break from your life?

Sending you a bit of that fresh summer holiday feeling, my friends.

Big love



  1. Ahhh....the beach ..... a place of restoration.... xxxx

  2. Kate,
    I don't comment much, but I really look forward to reading your blog. Sometimes I don't visit for a week or more because life is busy, however, when I do it puts a smile on my face or gives me another family to pray for, or laugh with. Thank you for sharing your life with us.

  3. Little breaks are necessary. What will be will be. x

  4. your pictures are beautiful,how great! you inspire me with your impromtu getaways, I must make this happen more x

  5. Always love your beautiful tales and photos but there is never enough photos of you:) Winter takes it's toll with keeping the fireplace going, keeping the house warm and trying to dry washing and we always say can't wait for Summer and then Summer comes and it's always bush fire threat and we can't wait for winter:)

  6. How nice to go down to the beach and relax. I love the girl's sandals and have been looking for a pair for myself. Where did you buy yours Kate and do they come in ladies' sizes?

  7. Hi Kate,
    I have never commented before but I just wanted to say how much I absolutely LOVE your blog. I started reading blogs a few years ago and yours is the only one I have continued on with, i just so love stopping by and having a look at your beautiful photos, garden, crafts, family.
    I just had my first baby 6 months ago and pre-baby I was super crafty, and your blog inspires me so much to just keep going and do even a little bit everyday.We grow all our own produce, eggs etc.. and your farmer boy so reminds me of my man from what you write! So I am so interested in all your blog about :-) Thank you!
    Your girls and your knitting are just soo beautiful!
    I love your daily blogging for January.Every night after I get my bubba down to sleep and finish all the chores, it is such a highlight to sit down with my cuppa and read your blog every day. You are so inspiring!
    Glad you enjoyed your time away, you so deserved that! LOve your Saltwater sandals too, I bought a navy blue pair this summer and wear them everyday! Soo comfy!
    Lots of love from April - New Zealand. xx

  8. I love going to the beach, and the back beaches are the best! So exciting. I haven't been to an ocean beach in years.
    And Farmer Bren is very brave rock hopping without shoes on! Plus I love neptune's necklace or whatever it is called - squishing the little bobbles and seeing if I can make them squirt a stream of salt water out. And rock pooling, seeing what's living in those ponds.


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