Monday, January 26, 2015

Twenty sixth






On the morning of the 26th day of the year we woke up in our caravan to the sounds of soft rain on the metal roof.

On the afternoon of this same day, after we had farewelled our family and friends, after we had drunk several strong coffees, after we had walked all the way up and all the way down the main street of Queenscliff and after Miss Pepper had finally learnt to ride a two wheeler bike, we had a caravan craft-er-ama-noon.

I can't tell you how much fun it is to have my farmer boy join me in this made-by-hand world. To have him happy to sit by my side for hours in silence cutting and curling and slicing off shavings of wood. For us to both to be so involved in what we are creating that we barely notice that we skipped lunch. And to have our girls coming in and out, chatting, joining us for a bit and then running off to play something else someplace else.

I can think of not many better ways to spend a chilly summer's afternoon.

His spoon was made from the other half of that piece of pine, and is one half of our new pair of salad servers. I only hope that during the crazy school year rush that begins again on Thursday, that he makes the time to complete the set.

We're heading home in the morning but I think we'll need to plan our next caravan trip soon.

Wishing you laughter.

Big love,

Kate xx


  1. I thought of you today because the Brisbane Courier Mail had a write up about the art of knives and making spoons from wood.....all the to be in the Caravan again. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane

  2. So happy to see you. I love this little space. And it's nice to see some green, it's a winter wonderland here today and my two girlies and I are hunkered in the house playing games.

  3. I'm soaking up the crafty goodness happening in this post!

  4. What a lovely afternoon. I can see knitted socks on my list of things to make this winter. Safe travels xo

  5. New to your blog and I'm loving it! Looking forward to following along. Enjoy your week!

  6. Which pattern book are you using? Can you recommend a good toe up sock pattern please?

    cheers Kate

  7. It really is one of the best things to craft with the ones you love isn't it?!

  8. Ahhh, so lovely. I love the way you've written all over that sock pattern. The very same page in my book is covered in post-it notes.

  9. So loving your daily updates :-)
    And the spoon carving too!
    By coincidence I have been promising my bloke some spoon making tools for ages. I put him onto Ariele Alasko and he is very inspired.
    Can I ask Kate where your spoon carving tools are from? I can only find them from overseas Ebay sellers and wondering if there is a local source?
    Susie x

  10. Oh Kate, the patchwork curtains are delightful !~! I have been sewing for the past several years and a simple block pattern like yours is still my favorite way to showcase the best and most likeable fabrics.

    Happy Rains, may the weeks be ever so fun.

  11. simply lovely Kate. x

  12. What a lovely scene of contentedness. May this calmness continue for you during the year.

    As an aside, we recently went to Berry down the South Coast of NSW and went past Foxes Ground...I don't know why but I had had visions of you living there. It is beautiful and lush there too. Today I worked out whilst browsing an older post that you must live in Victoria. ...gorgeous photography. Thanks for sharing your beauty.

    Alexa-asimplelife from Sydney

  13. It's wonderful how you capture these lovely scenes of everyday life in writing and photographs... Loving all the crafting that's going on! Thanks for sharing, Haafner


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