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On the nineteenth day of the new year nothing much happened, yet so much did too.

I got dressed in a denim dress that until yesterday belonged to my sister Emily. I finished one book  which I really liked at the end, and started another which I am a bit nervous about. The girls watched a couple of episodes of The Wonder Years and then we all walked down to the front to pick two bowls of blackberries. I may have seen a snake or it might have been a blue tongue lizard. I'm not sure either way but the fact that I am halfway through listening to this podcast may have pushed me to the snake side. Anyway, it was gone by the time I came back with my brave farmer boy and I survived to tell the tale, which is lucky because I didn't really follow any of the if you see a snake rules.

So we picked blackberries for a while in this area where farmer Bren mowed the bushes into rows to make them easy to get to, prickles and all. And it felt so much more civilised than the average blackberry pick and because of the recent rains, the berries were bigger too.

Once our bowls were full we came home, Indi went through her school book list and made a to-buy list, and Jazzy and Pepper did a stock take of their stationary. Then we had last night's leftovers for lunch.

Early afternoon I left them all playing, reading and arguing outside and I went into town to the post office, the craft shop and the chemist. When I came home we made blackberry, honey and yogurt pops. We only used one tablespoon of sugar and if they taste sweet when we eat them tomorrow, I think we'll cut it out altogether.

Then we sat around the table and made dates and put them in our family diary. While we were doing that I cast off my stripy socks, yay! I have just enough yarn leftover for a little Miss Pepper sized pair, so I cast them on straight after.

Latest afternoon we went for a walk and then visited the animals, fed them and collected the eggs.

We had haloumi and salad wraps for dinner.

And now it's now. I'm writing this ramble, the girls are brushing their teeth and then Indi promised to read them a story in Pepper's bed. Occasionally I worry a bit that these summer days are flowing past so quickly, but I think I might end this one a bit early by having a shower and jumping into bed to read.

What did you guys get up to today?
What're you reading?

Sweet dreams.



  1. I knitted most of the day - in the air con because queensland heat has been brutal the last few days. I read Burial Rites last week and loved it. I had t read a book in full in such a long time. Was it you that mentioned The Poisonwood Bible? I can't remember now, but I found it in an op shop years and years ago but I still have t read it. I might give that a go next.

  2. YES!!!! I think those two were my favourite books of last year.
    PB possibly one of the best of my life. Definitely read that next. x

  3. I had lunch with some friends, discussed knitting and reading, as we sat in the sunshine. I came home and sorted all my CDs I still have old fashioned CDs that I love to hold and put into a player and As I sorted I listened to a cello concert by Elgar. I have real books too that I love to read but today, I settled down, listened to another CD by Cecelia Bartoli and knitted-- I have started a baby blanket for a friend from scraps her grandmother left her and I also did some work on the little cardigan for my granddaughter who will soon be one.Then I spent some lovely chatting time with my daughter who is soon to be married....a quiet day, peaceful and sweet.

  4. I too am reading a "worrying" book .... the story of Fred and Rose West (infamous UK murderers). Not sure it will give me sleepless nights but is certainly harrowing. Good luck with your new read.... xxx

  5. I attending court as a juror this morning and went back to work in the afternoon but this evening has been blissful; a simple dinner, finished off a crocheted ripple blanket and soaked my feet in a basin!! Finished reading The Paris Wife yesterday (surprisingly touching, beautifully crafted) and started on The Girl Who Saved the King of Sweden (quirky, funny, entertaining) this evening. Simple days, good days.

  6. I know these days. Nothing interesting happened to me today. I went to work (I'm a teacher), did some shopping (food) and came home. I have an important exam tomorrow for my career as a teacher, so these “nothing happened today days” are good. I’m a little bit nervous for tomorrow, I hope all will end well.

  7. I went to Beer and Hymns at a local restaurant, crocheted a few more squares and took a long walk (and nap) with my man :) It was the perfect day!

  8. We're having snow and trying to keep warm. I crocheted a pair of socks for myself and they really helped.

  9. Quiet day yesterday. This weekend has been a very quiet weekend. Lots of reading, sleeping, etc. We did go out to eat yesterday and did the grocery shopping. I'm reading Miss Julia's Marvelous Makeover and the second one in the Outlander series. I read two or 3 books at a time but then I'm retired and don't have kids still at home. Have a great week.

  10. Another difficult day for me (chronic depression). I read all afternoon- 'Tinker,Tailor, Solider, Spy' and my second hand copy of 'The Poisionwood Bible' came, always wanted to read it, you pushed me that little bit :)

  11. How about those colours - so beautiful. I look at your photos and think I must get myself a proper camera! Any recommendations? I'm feeling the same way about the holidays. Just too short/ quick. I want more slow time with the family!
    I took the kids to Bounce yesterday (I know selfess woman...hehe) - they loved it.
    I'm reading Year of Wonders by Geraldine Brooks, for the second time. It's one of my all time favourites.

  12. Today is the last day of my holidays, so I am being lazy while other people are productive. Already I have had someone visit to fix the air conditioner and another drop by to send a nest of European wasps on their way. All I've done is tack the bodice of my dress to its skirt and read some blogs. The rest of the day lies before me and who knows what it will bring.

  13. Love sharing your day with you, thank you.

    We spent time with the Little who comes every day while mom and dad work-today's Dr Martin Luther King's birthday holiday so no school, banks or mail delivery. It was trash pick up and the Lad loves the Trucks-he just turned two and eats, sleeps and breathes Trucks.

  14. Ive been picking masses of blackberries in the last week. I once picked on a property that had also hedged the berries and i agree it is a much more civilised activtiy this way. I worked out that in a week over 4 days I picked a total of 12kg of berries. 9 Kg went to making jam and the rest I gave away. Next week I will be picking to freeze the berries for a later date. Would be interested to hear the outcomes of the pops and recipe if possible please.
    I love picking berries, listening to the sounds of the leaves in the wind with animals in the background.... I find it so relaxing.. and picking bountiful berries is pretty rewarding in itself.
    I purchased the slow living magazine with your family in tow. I was so glad that I knew you through your blog because it left so much of the slow living story out. Without being mean I think the magazine lacks the depth of detail and tends to skim too much on surface detail...very little to get the reader enthused to initiate a slow lifestyle. I will admit to elements of it being thought provoking but with one brief article on eliminating chemicals interesting enough to investigate further. I will be recycling the lovely paper though!
    I will say this ( and I have said it before) every time I see you and farmer Bren I see love and respect in the gazes you pass to each other - a unconscious, but loving look can be the joy of the day and oh what joy your family and photography bring to so many. Many thanks xM

  15. I took some wool out of the solar dye pots .dyed some a brilliant yellow on the bar b Q ,my out door dye spot. Went to lunch with a friend after op shopping and getting a small inkle loom for $2 then three bobbins and stand for the Ashford for $3 , then home to bring the dry wool in before it rained.And more on the lace knitting I am doing. after frogging three weeks worth of it. I now have to re do it in less time It is taking so long and this is only the border, Then to start the center, rainbow dyed one ply yarn from "Ixchel"she has beautiful yarns.Our son came for tea and they are both watching a car show before he goes home that was my day off this week. Wanted to get more plants and yarn into the solar dye jars but ran out of time, the weekend will be here soon enough, I keep adding the evening primrose flowers as they die to one bottle, interesting to see what color that turns out possible a yellow.
    maybe you should try some solar dying and you will feel a little more connected with your crafty family in making something from scratch .It is easy and fun and something else you can do with blackberries not as tasty I must admit but still fun.

  16. I'm reading A Year on the Farm & Meditations from the Mat...I've got to remember to pick up The Poisonwood Bible though, as I've not read it and every time you write about books it reminds me! X

  17. We love watching The Wonder Years too. It's the perfect family "cool down" if the kids have gotten a little too crazy after dinner.

  18. I spent the morning mucking around and doing some knitting, plus went to my rehab chiro, then in the afternoon, I got out into the yard, did some cleaning up and planted some tulip bulbs. Everywhere I went I was followed around by Not Our Cat. She likes to hang out with me more than her owners, which is rather embarrassing really.

  19. Reading Wild by Cheryl Strayed!


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