Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Twenty first






On the twenty first day of the new year I picked my sewing machine up from being serviced and made a hat.

I don't know if that sounds like such a big deal to you, but I'm a bit pleased.

You see I used to sew a lot: clothes, flags, accessories, you name it. There was a time back there that I could design, cut and sew a girl's dress in a few hours. I had sewing confidence, I had little girls who were happy to wear homemade, I had time to sew and I had a sewing machine that behaved beautifully.

But somewhere along the line all that changed. My girls started growing bigger and raising their eyebrows at my mixy-matchy creation, my baby started school and all of a sudden I found myself with less time (?!!), and then my machine started acting up. But instead of getting her serviced, I pushed her all the way to the back of my desk and forgot about her. And every now and then when I pulled her out with the idea that I'd sew something cool, the thread would keep breaking, the stitches would gather in a lump at the back and she'd make sounds like a lawn mower. So I'd give up, push her back and feel like maybe I just couldn't sew anymore. I lost the sewing way.

But these holidays the number one thing on Miss Jazzy's holiday must-do list, was learn to sew. So we chose some fabrics and a tote bag pattern and pulled out the machine, only to find she was still misbehaving. We managed to get half the bag done here and finished the rest at our friend Merrilyn's shop. The machine went to the fixer-uperer.

Which brings me to today. Today I picked up my machine, downloaded a pattern, chose the fabrics, carefully cut-out the the pieces, even more carefully followed the directions and ta-daaaaaa!!!


Of course with apple season almost upon us I had to quickly crochet a cute little apple too.

Now to make a few more to keep in a basket by the front door to try and eliminate the school morning hat scramble.

For those interested - I bought the hat pattern here and found the apple pattern here.

Wishing you great success with whatever you're making.




  1. well done Kate, looks fantastic. I aim to actually open the box that contains my new overlocker.....x

    1. Thanks so much Ginny, and good luck with your four threaded friend. I hope she behaves. xx

  2. How cute! I think my sewing machine needs fixing, too - lots of broken thread and bunching of the bobbin thread. I have been putting it off, but I think I just need to do it!

    1. Do it!!! You'll be so pleased with yourself once you can sew in a straight line and all your stitches are the same size. x

  3. Lovely hat! I'm sure you are so glad you got the machine fixed. There'll be no stopping you now.

  4. I'm so glad you're sewing again.....and yes the girls need to get their own identity, find their own path. I bet in years to come they'll be making their own clothes, or asking you too! :) xxx

  5. I've lost the sewing way, too. :( Like you, I used to sew all the time for my littles, but as they've grown, time and whatnot always seem to interfere. I've been itching to get back into "creating" in general, but keep putting off the actual START. It feels overwhelming, now...and I'm not sure how to get going. (Probably just a swift kick in my own rear would do it! hahaha!) Thank you for posting this - I'm definitely feeling more inspired and motivated to get something going. Your hat is darling and your kiddos so precious!

    Love, light, and hugs!

  6. so adorable...I actually made an apple tea cosy and this apple for a coaster not long ago!! :) Here's a link if you feel like having a look ...cheers Jan x

  7. I just love the natural innocence and beauty I see in the faces of you gorgeous are giving them a beautiful childhood which they will treasure for ever. I love the crochet apple, will give that a try.:-)

  8. I need to take my Machine to the fixer upperer too! This post resonates with me. :)

  9. The hat looks amazing - glad the machine is working well. Love the apple!!

  10. Kind of sad that you've lost the sewing way. Both of my girls wore your vintage bed sheet dress and then it was passed on to a friend's daughter. I was recently gifted a bunch of vintage sheeting so probably need to get the machine out and sew some bigger ones!

  11. oh it's gorgeous kate! happy sewing x


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