Friday, January 23, 2015

Twenty third


On the twenty third morning of the new year I took my camera into the kitchen and snapped six shots.

Well actually that's not entirely true, let me rephrase it. On the twenty third morning of the new year I took photos of six little scenes in my kitchen. Some I felt happy with just the one shot, but others I had to take from a few different angles just to be sure. You know, one from above, one from down low up close and one from the other side of the table. Thank goodness for digital I say, I am such an indecisive photograph taker.

Anyway as I was saying, my kitchen, this morning, six photos. And yes, I did sweep the floor and wipe down the benches first.

Photo one - one massive jar of honey we took from our bees last week and two jars of granola my farmer boy made last night while I was writing my blog. There was a third jar of granola but it was gone by the time breakfast was done.


Photo two - an upside down plum cake. I used the recipe from this blog post, can you believe how small and cute my baby once was.


Photo three - I have a little nest up the far end of the kitchen table filled with craft odds and ends I'm working on, bits and pieces I'm reading and other random collections I'm not yet done with.


Photo four - bowls filled with the fruit we picked on our walk in the orchards last night. I love this time of year, and this is just the beginning.


Photo five - a bunch of roses I picked from Bren's Mum's garden last night. I don't know much about roses but it feels like every time I think they are over for the season, they come back and get better.


Photo six - and of course no scene would be complete anymore without a collection of knives and spoons. The big club on the left is a salad server in the making, the piece of wood is something Miss Pepper is working on, the knife is one of a collection of old butcher knives, and the three spoons are beautiful.

Just out of curiosity, do you take one shot of what you're focused on, or several from different angles like me? Oh and then once I think I've got it I have to start the process off again with my iPhone for instagram. Do you do that too? What's with that anyway?

Love to you guys, I hope your light is just right.



  1. We're loving the spoons, I keep showing my hubbie saying"look what he's made now". Keep at it, I want to see a rolling pin.

  2. Oh the light...I understand Kate. I take photos with my camera from a million different angles. I don't use my phone so much but when I do there are plenty of angles there as well. Is there anything better than homemade granola in a proper jar? Those little pears are just gorgeous. The knives and spoons make me smile...and the piece of wood x

    PS are you on Snapchat? Or are you totally loyal to instagram? I am not on either but a lot of farming folk in our circle are suddenly on Snapchat and it seems life fun.

  3. I have never seen honey that clour!

    As for photography.....I am hopeless at it. My pics always look amateurish , because I am a total amateur , I only ever use my phone because my camera is old & I don't remember how to use it. So yes, I often take a few pics to try & get them to look nice but sometimes I'll take one & think " yep, I like that ".

  4. I do the take two sometimes (DSLR) and iPhone pic for Instagram. Your little views of the kitchen are lovely and great to have a record of this time and place. I try different angles as well. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane

  5. I'm not a creative photo taker. I take 50 bad photos and then choose the alrightest one.

    I have many rose bushes in my garden, planted by the previous tenant, so I can't take credit for them, but they do seem to flower all over the place. I love them! I'm going to continue doing absolutely nothing to them otherwise I might spoil the good thing they've got going on!

  6. I found your blog recently and have been enjoying it so much! Thanks for sharing these lovely snippets of your life.

  7. every one of these photos are gorgeous.
    i make granola immense beauty and love in granola.
    so in love with your fruit! want to come live on your farm!

  8. That cake looks so delicious! We just started taking bee keeping classes. I hope we are able to harvest honey in two years. It seems overwhelming right now, but hopefully we can figure out the process and be good bee keepers.

  9. I wish I could eat some of the granola and honey! The glasses look devine! yummm!

    Take care
    Anne (Crochet Between Worlds)

  10. I find that that my best photo is usually the first one that I take.

  11. Beauitful photos Kate!
    The more I love a subject, be it bread I baked, one of our animals or our mountains, the more I photograph it. When it's an animal I take the 'safe' shot and then I take different angles.

  12. Yes, I do that! I have bowls of plums sitting waiting for some attention today and think I might make your cake as the kitchen will be my anchor point, well that's my plan. Beautiful socks, beautiful flowers and Gorgeous spoons! Have an awesome day lovely!

  13. I am unashamedly in love with your life! Beautiful photos - dreaming of sunshine, light and warmth in my scraping ice off the windscreen every morning life.

  14. I love all of your photos and especially the knitted socks. I am letting myself dream of a basket full of home made knitted socks. The honey jar is just crazy BIG.

    Birgitta xx

  15. Ok - I've resisted for as long as is humanly possible! Where did you get the wood carving tools from?..

  16. Oh my goodness! That cake, that honey, those roses! All of it just lovely! x

  17. Several shots with the camera. Though sometimes it's the first shot you were happiest with anyhow:)

  18. Yes, I take photos from different angles. I use to use my camera and then the iPhone, but my hubby now has my phone for work so I use my camera, put the photos on my blog, take a screen shot on my iPad and then Instagram it. Oh, it's a complicated world!!! LOL xo

    I love homemade granola and I've been planning on making some real soon. Happy weekend xo

  19. (Shh, I use my android for all the photography on my blog these days, and all my instagram as well. And I do different angles in the framing of the shot until I find one or two that I like.)

  20. I googled granola today after reading your post and made it for the first time. Yum! Thanks for the inspiration

  21. Uh homemade granola - big fan.
    I have a great wish to try and make upside down cake one day, must write it on my bucket list.
    Great pictures, we are in the middle of winter here in Denmark, though no snow yet. But your pictures make me long for spring. Happy weekend to you.

  22. I'm very trigger happy.....but never very happy with the results! Need to learn more.....your shots are lovely :) xxx

  23. Love!! And have now got a use for the plums our neighbours gave us from their tree! Yum! THanks Kate x Love your six photos. Great choices :) Thanks for sharing!

  24. I love photography and always had take too many angles and apertures of the same thing. I love the love for a couple of months but recently its coming back :) I adore digital!! x

  25. I love photography and always had take too many angles and apertures of the same thing. I love the love for a couple of months but recently its coming back :) I adore digital!! x

  26. Small scenes that make up the whole.


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